Tournament Background


The North Shore Invitational Basketball Tournament has a storied past over its almost 25 year history with the likes of Steve Nash and Robert Sacré participating in the tournament. It is with great pride and excitement that the Quinn Keast Foundation takes on responsibility for the operations of the tournament. Nearing 10 years of existence, the Quinn Keast Foundation has hosted basketball games, built outdoor courts and awarded scholarships to numerous high school students, all while taking the ‘No Regrets’ approach. Therefore, it seems fitting that with the evolution of this local tournament, it be rebranded as the “No Regrets Basketball Tournament”.


Historically, the tournament has been host to a boy’s bracket, but the No Regrets Basketball Tournament is expanding its roots by adding an 8-team girl’s divisionto the lineup of events. The 2015 tournament will include teams from across western Canada including teams from Prince Rupert, Calgary and Kamloops, as well as many of our local North Shore teams. 


In addition to adding the girl’s bracket, this year’s tournament will have a strong community presence and will work to increase attendance. This will be done with online and social media presence, dance teams, mascots, and pep rallies - getting the North Shore involved, and getting students, parents and the general public excited about the high level of basketball being represented. There will be scholarships awarded, rewarding the recipients for their dedication and passion for their sport. 


The No Regrets Basketball Tournament sets its aim towards providing a memorable experience for all participants. British Columbia is known for its amazing basketball tournaments, so our goal is to leave the student-athletes with great memories and an eagerness to return the following year, while spreading the mantra of "No Regrets" and its relevance to BC basketball. This simple saying is something that many of us have lived our lives by over the last decade and truly believe it is a message worth spreading. With terrible losses, like the passing of a great person such as Quinn Keast, comes great motivation to be better. With the inspiration of Quinn's story by our side, the No Regrets Basketball Tournament committee is both proud and excited to bring this special event to our local gyms for many years to come. 


We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces in the crowds during the 3-day tournament. We thank everyone that has helped us make our vision for this tournament a reality by sponsoring the event. 


No Regrets.