Tournament Committee

 Tom Keast

Tom is president of the Quinn Keast Foundation and Managing Partner of the law firm of Watson Goepel LLP. He is a basketball fan, former rugby player and now cyclist, golfer and choir member.

Jan Keast

Jan is a director of the Quinn Keast Foundation. Two years ago, Jan moved to the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and enjoys volunteering for Linwood House in Robert's Creek. 

Jamie Keast

Basketball coach and graduate of Handsworth Secondary, Jamie is now a teacher with the Langley School District and is a director of the Quinn Keast Foundation. 

Blair Shier

Blair played for Bishops University and the University of Western Ontario and has coached for many years. He is now an avid yogi and photographer. He is also a director of the Quinn Keast Foundation.

Larry Donohoe

One of the hardest working community volunteers on the North Shore having coached football and basketball at various levels at Carson Graham for in excess of 35 years. Larry was the Tournament Director for the North Shore Invitational Tournament for 21 years. 

Scott Leigh

Teammate and close friend of Quinn Keast while at Handsworth, Scott played four years at the University of Alberta and is now a lawyer at Digby Leigh & Co. 

Mark Barrett

Vice-Principal at Handsworth Secondary School and long-time basketball coach on the North Shore, Mark once played in the North Shore Invitational Tournament as an Argyle Piper!

Andy Wong

Andy has coached on the North Shore for the past decade, and is currently the Senior Boys Basketball coach for the Collingwood Cavaliers. He has coached five North Shore championship teams and when not on the court, Andy can be found teaching and tutoring high school math. 

Cameron Nelson

Cameron has coached at Carson Graham for over 10 years and is currently coaching the Senior Girls Basketball team. He has taken two teams to the AAA Girls Provincial Tournament and been on multiple Crehan Cup runs.