“NO REGRETS” Scholarship Criteria

There will be two $500 scholarships awarded at the tournament this year. A successful recipient will be a player graduating in 2019 who exhibits the following in the game of basketball: 

  • Satisfactory academic standing
  • Dedication to team success as an over-arching goal
  • Offensive skill with an appreciation for both team scoring and individual contribution
  • Defensive perseverance and commitment
  • Relentless pursuit of possession of the ball
  • Makes the players around him/her better
  • Demonstration of strong leadership behaviour on the court represented by respect for teammates, coaches, game officials and opponents; 
  • The demonstration of these qualities in Tournament play. 

Note: A nomination from the player’s coach is required in the form below. Only one nomination per team. It should be emailed to tkeast@watsongoepel.com and submitted by December 1, 2018, or submitted through this website.  

The scholarships are sponsored by the Quinn Keast Foundation. Quinn Keast pursued his adopted mission of developing a “complete” game in the way that he played basketball with undying determination and dedication to do his best. He played with tenacity, intensity and heart on both ends of the floor. These qualities are not necessarily reflected on the score sheet, but every coach recognizes the intangible and invaluable contribution to team success. Quinn was unable to fulfill his dream of playing basketball after high school but there are many who can realize this goal. The Quinn Keast Foundation wishes to encourage their endeavours.