Scholarship nomination form

There will be two $500 scholarships awarded at the tournament this year. A completed nomination form from the player’s coach is required. Only one nomination per team.  The form should be emailed to by December 1, 2018, or submitted through this siteThe nominee must be a player graduating in 2019.


Please complete the form below

Coach's Name *
Coach's Name
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Player's Name
Please provide any additional information about the player whom you are nominating.
Criteria *
Please score the following criteria for each attribute. The Scholarship Selection Committee will be looking for a demonstration of these qualities in Tournament play.
The player has satisfactory academic standing
The player is dedicated to team success as an over-arching goal
The player has offensive skill (both team scoring and individual contribution)
The player exhibits defensive perseverance and commitment
The player relentlessly pursues possession of the ball
The player makes the players around him/her better
The player demonstrates strong leadership behaviour