Boys Final: Handsworth vs. Kitsilano

This game was preceded by a moment of silence to honour the life of a grade 12 basketball player from Panorama Ridge in Surrey who collapsed in a game on November 28th and passed away the same day the ‘No Regrets’ Tournament started, Dec, 7, 2017.


Following that sombre note and MC Justin’s anthem (at a higher pitch than comfortable for the baritones in the crowd, we hasten to add) the game was under way. Kits took an early lead and at 6-3 in its favour a timeout was called; then the proverbial worm turned and Handsworth edged into the lead. A late foul with a 2 off the inbound had Kits draw even at 16. Q1 in the books.


Kits’ twin towers of #34 Costa and #43 Armstrong were a formidable barrier. The Demons #11 stole and dunked for the crowd’s pleasure. Great springs on that kid! Now tied at 20. Grant was stuffed by a Kits defender which the crowd also liked. They loves them some drama! Ya gotta luv what the Royals Butler brings to the game in a “Its MY ball” sorta way on the boards. But a 6 point lead for Kits caused a Royals time out. We will see what Coach Mowat can achieve. A couple of possessions yielded little, nothing actually as Kits #11 Asenoguan took over with consecutive baskets. Now it was Kits by 10.


Finally life for the Royals off a Horn 3 but a lapse gave the Blue Demons 4 points to counter it. Blue Demons lead back at 10. Dependence by Handsworth on the long ball is long odds. The shots aren't falling for them. With 35 seconds to go in the half and a 10 point lead Kits called a timeout. Nothing came of it and the buzzer beater attempt by Handsworth didn’t fall either.


Halftime: Kits 38 - Handsworth 28


Halftime thought to ponder:    How many ways can you say basket?


Second half: Towers are in for Kits as are the other starters for both teams. Grant scored on consecutive possessions under the basket for the Royals followed by a Blue Demons 3.  Handsworth is showing life with Kits lead now at 5. Grant shot from underneath, missed, got the rebound and drew a foul. Royals stole an inbound and scored. This game was turning their way - down by 2. Note to all shooters- follow your shots! Good things can happen. Another Kits turnover and Grant exhorting the Royal troups while leading by example and scoring the tying basket and the go ahead ‘and 1’. Then a time clock buzzer beater by Kits’ Costa see-sawed the score followed by a Horn 3 for the Royals that drew the crowd into it as they sensed a barn-burner in the making. Asenoguan reheated after a cool patch and scored twice dunking the second one. 48-47 Kits. Arc specialist Horn for three and another foul drawn had Royals McLean make both shots and establish the 3Q score at 52-51 for Handsworth. A 23-14 quarter for Handsworth in the comeback.


This fabulous tournament is drawing to a close with one quarter of basketball left. Whatever the elixir Coach Mowat gave the Royals at the half, if it sustains them will create a dramatic finish. An over the shoulder interception by Asenoguan on a fast break pass was unbelievably athletic. It was not until 2 1/2 minutes into the quarter that anyone scored and it was, no surprise, a Horn 3 for the Royals. At 57-53 Handsworth, Costa for Kits makes both shots. Kits regains the lead by 1. Asenoguan insists on getting his own rebounds, the last one for a score ‘and 1’ (which he missed). He will be the key to a Kits win as he is dangerous at all times, more so inside than out. He’s wiggly.


Under 3 minutes to go and Kits are up 3. They turned the ball over but nothing came of it for Handsworth. Handsworth's Stanley drove the basket looking for Livingstone and found only 1 foul shot.  Kits’ Costa scored two with a minute to go and down by 4 the Royals called a timeout. Kits ball and a foul of Asenoguan by Grant led to no scoring and the ball was driven back by Handsworth to a foul. McLean cooly scored both and with Kits up by 2 and 41 secons left it was Kits ball after the timeout. A foul by Handsworth after the inbound gave Kits a 3 point lead, then 5 on 2 made free throws and the game was in hand for Kits.


This was a great game! Congratulations to both teams. Congratulations to 2017 boys’ champion Kits.



Final score:     Kits 67 -  Handsworth 62


Player-of-the-Game:   Tiago Costa of Kits

Girls Final: Handsworth vs. Walnut Grove

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


grove hands 2.jpg

Before the girls tip-off in this finals matchup, the crowd got to view the inspirational video which provides background on the source of ‘No Regrets’. A motivating video to get the squads fired up before the big game.


Both teams have come out pushing the ball in transition at every opportunity. A couple of lefties, one for each team, have sank deep threes - Walnut Grove up by 8 early. The Handsworth Royals are going to have to minimize turnovers and take advantage of their scoring opportunities to keep pace with the highly skilled Walnut Grove Gators team. The Gators have made easy layups in transition, and knocked down the deep ball to give themselves a 14 point lead after the first Q. 


The Royals continue to struggle to create easy opportunities for themselves, with all shot attempts inside being strongly challenged and any open shots coming from the lands where only Steph Curry is comfortable. Janelle McComb on Handsworth, the smooth shooting lefty, is trying to use that three ball to get her team back in this game. The pressure defence from the Gators is doing damage to the Royals - Gators up 45-18 at the half. 


Walnut Grove has continued where they left off as the second half begins, going on a 10-3 run to start the third quarter. This game is already out of reach here in the third for the Royals, but this will allow them an opportunity to rotate their players and get great experience against a top team, which may pay dividends later in the season. On a positive note, the score is not reflective of the effort Handsworth has put forth. After 3 quarters the Royals are down, they are down big. 


Congratulations to both the Handsworth Royals and the Walnut Grove Gators on successful No Regrets Basketball Tournaments. In the end, the Gators win the final big with a final score of 114-29.


No Regrets. 

Boys: Belmont vs. Charles Hays

The game before the 5th/7th place game was cancelled and it certainly looked like there would be another cancellation as the Belmont Bulldogs were the only players on the court until 12 minutes before tip-off. Enter the Charles Hays Rainmakers heavily delayed due to traffic. Both teams with a long journey home ahead were eager to get the game started.


belmont hays 1.jpg

The Bulldogs, the beneficiary of a more thorough warm up, got off to a quick start opening up an eight point lead. Despite the early deficit, #13 Liam McChesney and the Rainmakers staged their own run and we had a tie game with a couple minutes left in the frame. McChesney continued his hot start with a pair of threes (perhaps trying break some tournament scoring records held by his older brother Justin McChesney from 2015). By the end of the quarter the Rainmakers led 27-20.


#8 Julius Kennedy of the Bulldogs continued his hot shooting going back a game and knocked down deep back-to-back triples to open the frame followed by a three by #3 Nishad Tarak for a quick 9-0 run to take the lead. The Rainmakers stayed steady in their attack including a nice fast break that led to a thunderous dunk by McChesney. Joining the party was #14 Kai Leighton adding a five point run of his own that pushed the lead to 44-33 with three minutes to play in the half. Holding for the last shot #2 Kuga Kawai of the Bulldogs put in a bucket to close the half. Rainmakers 49. Bulldogs 35.


#14 Kai Leighton of the Rainmakers stayed hot and opened the second half with another triple. #3 Nishad Tarak scored a tough left handed lay up over the outstretched arms of two defenders for the first bucket of the half for the Bulldogs and another triple. He followed up with a personal 10-0 run to cut the Rainmakers lead to 14. The Rainmakers continued their attack capitalizing on a number of Bulldog turnovers resulting in easy transition buckets. #3 Nishad Tarak rattled off two more three balls single handedly keeping the Bulldogs in the fight before the quarter was done. The Rainmakers held for the last shot and #5  knocked down a tough jumper over the defender at the buzzer. Score 71-56 for the Rainmakers.


Bulldogs’ Tarak would just not give up and did not want to be on the long trip home wondering if he could have done any more to help his team win. He started the fourth with two more triples to bring the Bulldogs within eight. #10 Christian Clifton of the Rainmakers answered with some sound defence stripping the offensive player and ending the ensuing possession with an ‘and 1’. The Bulldogs kept surging behind their sound defence and fearless play of guard Tarak who, with yet another three, pulled the Bulldogs within three points with five minutes to play in the game. #14 Liam McChesney came up with a huge block that ignited the Rainmakers fastbreak leading to a corner three by #10 Christian Clifton to put them up eight with a minute and a half to play. Down 6 with 15 seconds left the Bulldogs drew up a play that resulted in a four point play opportunity. The ensuing free throw was missed allowing the Rainmakers #14 Kai Leighton to rebound the ball and get fouled with a chance to ice the game. When it was all said and done the Rainmakers held on for the win. Final score 93-88.


Player of the Game: Charles Hays #10 Christian Clifton


Charles Hays High Scorers:

#14 Kai Leighton - 31 Points

#13 Liam McChesney - 30 Points


Belmont Bulldogs High Scorers:

#3 Nishad Tarak - 38 Points

#8 Julius Kennedy - 14 Points

Boys 3rd/4th: Carson Graham vs. Collingwood

The host Collingwood (spectacular facilities, no?) took on the boys from down the hill in the pre-lim to the boys final. MC Justin, decked out in a vintage Vancouver Grizzlies hat, Canadian plaid and a Zac Brown beard, delivered the intro in his finest basso profundo. And he sings too! The anthem over, the boys on the court got down to work. This will be a game where the lighting fast and skilled Carson guards will test Collingwood’s rugby/basketball oriented skills. For those who can’t take their eyes off the Carson wallpaper warm-ups, its time to find a hobby.


Note: Carson’s spark plug and lightning quick quarterback Chris Demetillo was unavailable for the game due to his commitment to his world-class break-dancing team. Kid is lights-out talented!!


The first few minutes had more turnovers than a Danish bakery as both teams sought their footing. Cavs #24 provided early scoring from the foul line and under the basket. A three from Eagles #11 Ballard got them off the schneid 4 minutes in to make it 6-3 Cavs. At 10-3, with #11’s three their only score, the Eagles called a timeout. Carson’s Lartey tried to penetrate several times only to be stripped. So what does he do? He nails one from long range. 10-6 Cavs. The Carson guards have already been charged with multiple counts of robbery of ball and the first quarter isn’t even over.


In the second it was the Cavs who took ball deprivation seriously and got a couple of fast break baskets as the track meet heated up. And, of course Lartey responded with a three. If anyone out there is bemoaning the demise of the fast break, this game is for you. On the other hand if you are bemoaning the loss of the pure shooters…..In the middle of the second it is Cavs 23-14. A coach, who will go nameless, enquired of one of his player’s on the floor what the name was of his girlfriend that he was thinking so much about that he wasn’t concentrating on his shot. He blushed and then drained a 3. Now that’s coaching!


Cavs Gr. 10 #4 showed great speed down the court, a suitable answer for Lartey. Cavs #20. 


37-22 at the half. Carson 9/11 from the foul line. But scoring in 1s is not a good long term game plan.


Halftime thought to ponder: Is ‘cavalier’ an attitude or a thing/person? Oh yeah, and how cool is it that the Collingwood scorers’ table is lit up?


The second half saw Lartey of Carson go down hard and leave the floor to be replaced by Rajwani. Lead stretching for the Cavs, now at 19. Without 2 of their best guards Duque was alone in the super-quick category. What does he do? Drains a three. Cavs #24 Preston is having a significant influence on this game at both ends of the yard. Bustos for the Cavs converted an ‘and 1’ followed by a Preston scoring drive. Cavs now lead by 20. Carson can answer but just not often enough to narrow the lead. A heroic drive by Carson’s Rajwani resulted in a failed ‘and 1’. Case in point. At the end of three the Cavs lead was 23 (55-32).


And now the final frame. Carson attempted a 3-2-1 defence with 7 minutes to go but were caught out and a sheepish black clad Eagle slunk off the court. Lartey had returned and was clearly feeling better as he tried an off-tackle drive to draw a foul.That scoring was cancelled by the Cavs own bucked and then, for awhile, no one could score. Lartey drew an offensive foul showing his courage and resilience. At 65-41 subs came in and brought their own special energy to this foregone conclusion. It always a treat to see the bench bring it - so ernest. 


Final score:    Collingwood  65 Carson Graham 45

Player-of-the-Game:    Tyler Preston

Girls: Argyle vs. Sturgeon Heights

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


A few days after arrival, it appears Sturgeon Heights, hailing from Winnipeg, have become accustomed to Vancouver’s “balmy” conditions as they come out of the gates with some hot shooting. The Pipers have picked up their energy level late in the first to get within 3. Both teams have kept the pressure on defensively which has led to multiple turnovers. The Sturgeon Huskies ran away at the end of the first quarter, ending it with a 10 point lead.


The Huskies have shown a feisty approach to their D, which has made it difficult for the Pipers to get comfortable in their half-court sets. If the start of this game is a sign of things to come, Argyle is going to have to start knocking down a few long balls to keep themselves in this game. Both teams are looking to finish this tournament with a W; we have seen multiple girls diving on the floor for loose balls and showing a no quit attitude. At the end of the first half the Huskies are up 36-29.

argyle sturgeon.jpg


A strong start for the Pipers has them up by 2, 40-38 halfway through the third quarter. This 15-2  run for the Pipers has shown the potential this group of girls has as we are just at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season. Although, the Huskies did not travel all the way from Winnipeg to let the Pipers walk away with an easy W. Not to mention, the Sturgeon Heights boys team is up in the Collingwood press box cheering hard for the girls and patiently waiting for dinner time. At the end of 3, Argyle is up 50-48.


After a slow start to the fourth quarter, the Pipers have gained some momentum with a bucket down-low and a three to increase their lead to 8 with less than 5 minutes to go. The back-and-forth nature of this game makes you think this may come down to the wire. A timeout called by the Huskies’ coach with 3:20 to go in the game, down by 5, shows this team is not ready to jump on a plane and head home quite yet. A clutch bank jumper by Argyle with just over a minute left in the game gives the Pipers a 7 point lead - banks apparently stay open late in the British Properties, even on a Saturday. A great effort for both teams ends with Argyle taking the victory - final score Argyle: 64 - Sturgeon Heights: 56.


No Regrets. 


Boys: Seycove vs. Belmont

Written by John Leong, Handsworth Grad 2011

The final day of the Tournament is where we get our name. Can players say they’ve left it all on the court after three days of competition? Can they go back to their respective cities and homes with “No Regrets”?



The opening tip-off was won by the Belmont Bulldogs and they were first to strike with a nice inbound play drawn up for #21 Isaac Ickovich. Seycove was getting a lot of open looks including a pair of 'and 1' opportunities, but #3 Nishad Tarak of Bulldogs answered the call with a pair of 3’s that allowed the Bulldogs to hold a 24-13 lead at the end of the first.


#21 Isaac Ickovich of the Bulldogs continued using his size to control both the offensive and defensive boards. Early on, the difference appeared to be the quality of shots each team was getting - the Bulldogs getting opportunities close to the basket with Seycove being okay settling for contested jumpers. With four minutes remaining in the second the Bulldogs had grown their lead to 21 points. #13 Michael Douhan of the Seyhawks hit a lay-up followed by a three to build some momentum for the Seycove team. #25 Dylon Matthews of the Seyhawks got a block and then saved the ball throwing it off the offensive player to get the ball back to Seycove. From there #3 Nishad Tarak and #25 Dylon Matthews traded three pointers but the score at remained in favour of the out of town Bulldogs 43-29.


Both teams opened the second half attacking the hoop and extending their pressure into the full court. #3 Nishad Tarak of the Bulldogs got back to what he knows best - attacking the rim for a pair of layups. #25 Dylon Matthews of the Seyhawks was there to answer every call coming back with a midrange jumper and three to beat the shot clock. Halfway through the third Belmont still held onto a 12 point lead. 


#3 Douglas Musselman of Seycove hit a three which was immediately responded to by an 'and 1' from #21 Isaac Ickovich of the Bulldogs. #23 Cashel Findler hit another driving lay-up to bring the Seyhawks within five. The Bulldogs put the ball in the hands of #3 Nishad Tarak once again who scored another slicing layup to stop the Seycove run. A pair of free throws by Seycove #3 Douglas Musselman at the end of the third quarter put the Seyhawks up one for their first lead of the game..


To start the 4th, #25 Dylon Matthews hit another pull up jumper and the Bulldogs answered with, you guessed it, #3 Nishad Tarak who opened with his own 5-0 run. #10 Chris Ross of Seycove who had been relatively quiet all game got a tough driving lay-up to keep it close. Matthews of Seycove and Tarak of Belmont continued to trade baskets through the fourth but it was the Bulldogs who came out on top. Final score 78-73 in favour of the Bulldogs.



Player of the Game: Belmont Bulldogs #3 Nishad Tarak



Belmont Bulldogs High Scorers:

#3 Nishad Tarak - 25 Points

#21 Isaac Ickovich - 10 Points



Seycove Seyhawks High Scorers

#10 Chris Ross - 22 Points

#23 Cashel Findler - 21 Points


Boys: Caledonia vs. Sturgeon Heights

Written by John Leong, Handsworth Grad 2011



A Friday night game featured the Terrace-based Caledonia Kermodes that travelled nearly 1400 Km playing the Sturgeon Heights Huskies who travelled 2300km to be here.


The Caledonia Kermodes won the tip and strike first with the first bucket. #7 Riley Pierce of the Sturgeon Heights Huskies got them on the board with an early jumpshot. The Kermodes full court press seemed to give the Huskies some problems in the first quarter and there seemed to be a lid on the bucket for the team from Winnipeg. Score at the end of the first 19-4 for the Kermodes.


Things quickly turned around as the lid was lifted from the basket and shots began to fall for the Huskies climbing to within 9 midway through the second  quarter on a three ball by #10 Tyler Jensen. #3 Kohim Ma stopped the bleeding for the Kermodes with an offensive board and acrobatic up and under finish but when the half court buzzer sounded the Kermodes lead had shrunk to 33-26.


The teams opened the second half going shot for shot. #12 Matt Fedak of the Huskies was using his size to grab a ton of offensive boards giving a plethora of second chance opportunities. As the game became closer, the intensity in the gym clearly rose with defence chants being echoed on both benches. The Huskies' defense began to swarm which energized their offence, giving them a couple open three pointers followed by a spin move into a lay up by #6 John Sokoloski which brought the Huskies within three points. Kermodes #6 Jackson Netzel put in an 'and one' then banked a three to slow the momentum of the Huskies but the charging dogs brought the game to just a two point deficit entering the 4th. Kermodes lead 46-44.


Buckle up. Things got crazy from there on.


The Sturgeon Heights team had been using an unorthodox subbing routine making a few subs almost every dead ball which allowed for a constant stream of fresh players and allowed for the coaches to relay small adjustments to the players throughout the game. #11 DeMar Kraus of the Huskies came alive in the fourth scoring a number of driving lay-ups and attacking the rim relentlessly putting the Huskies up by as many as five. Kermodes #6 Jackson Netzel had an answer of his own out of a time out for a corner three that pulled the Kermodes back closer. After a back and forth quarter the score was all tied up at 60 with 47 seconds left. The Huskies got two from the line to go up, only to be answered by a go ahead three from the Kermodes. The Huskies came up empty on the next posession forcing them to foul #6 Jackson Netzel sending him to the line once again. He banked his first and swished his second to put the Kermodes up three with 19 seconds left. The Huskies drew up a quick play and were fouled where #11 DeMar Kraus nailed his two free throw to go down one with 19 seconds left. The Huskies fouled #6 Jackson Netzel again and, with ice in his veins he calmly knocked down the free throws to go back up three leaving nine seconds on the clock for the Huskies. The Huskies would use their last time-out and draw up a BEAUTIFUL play to leave #6 John Sokoloski wide open with a NBA range three pointer that rattled around before dropping to send the game to overtime.


The Kermodes got out to a quick 7-0 run to open the extra period, but the Huskies stormed back including another three by #10 Tyson Jensen off the same play that sent it to overtime. With the Kermodes down two, they went back to #6 Jackson Netzel who missed his midrange jumper but got his own offensive rebound and putback to tie the game 77-77 with 11 seconds left. The Huskies would use their final timeout to draw up another BEAUTIFUL play that led to the game winning basket by #12 Matt Fedak. Final score 79-77 for the Sturgeon Heights Huskies.


Player of the game: #12 Matt Fedak Sturgeon Heights


Sturgeon Heights high scorers. #20 Matt Fedak - 20 Points. #11 Demar Kraus 19 points.


Caledonia high scorers. #6 Jackson Netzel - 41 points. #3 Kohim Ma - 15 points.

Boys Semi Final: Handsworth vs. Collingwood

Written by Devin Delany, Handsworth Grad 2006

‘Royals have their feast’


The intensity came early and often in this North Shore battle between the home Royals and visiting Cav’s as they both looked for a birth into the No Regrets final game. With two very deep benches both coaches were keeping their team’s fresh by continually mixing in different personnel to ensure the intensity didn’t waver. 

Royals small forward Nate Watters seemed to be providing the spark for the Royals on both sides of the ball as he pushed the offense and led the team on their defensive high court press. The Cavs did their best to keep it competitive but they simply were 1 step behind on every loose ball and rebound. 


At halftime, the Royals led 41-24.


The Royals came out loud and proud in the second half with their entire bench passionately cheering on their fellow Royals. Surprisingly it was their coach Cam Mowat who was extremely quiet, leading many to believe he may have been feeling the effects of a big Friday night out.


The Royals kept looking to attack the low post in the second half targeting their star power forward Ben Grant who looked like he was a man among boys in the paint. He would find the blue paint on every offensive set and look to simply overpower the D going up for what looked like easy buckets. The Cav’s were having a difficult time penetrating the Royals’ athletic defense and it certainly was evident on the scoresheet as they only put up a shocking 4 points in the quarter. Even coach Andy Wong was left looking for answers as he was visibly unhappy with how his team had been performing. 


With a finals’ appearance looking imminent later on tonight, coach Mowat rested his starting lineup and looked to his reserves to continue the Royal momentum that had silenced the Cavalier faithful.  The young Royal reserves didn’t look out of out of place at all as they continued to press high and took full advantage of their opportunities. 


At the final buzzer, the Royals had won 84-36 and earned themselves a birth in the Saturday final against Kits Blue Demons. 


See you tonight which features Kits and Handsworth shaping up to be a ‘No Regrets’ classic.

collingwood handsworth.jpg

Boys Semi Final: Carson Graham vs. Kitsilano

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


Here on Jones Ave. in North Vancouver, we had a semi-final matchup between the home squad, Carson Graham Eagles, versus the cross-town Kitsilano Blue Demons. The teams are playing for an opportunity to cinch coveted final spot in the 'No Regrets' Basketball Tournament this evening. Before the game starts, Carson has a visual advantage, at least from a fashion standpoint. Black No Regrets tees, Indiana Hoosier-like red and white striped tearaways and No Regrets socks have the Eagles soaring in warmup. Time will tell if this fashion statement translates into strong play on the court.


For a game starting at 10:45 am these kids came out with a ton of energy - must have had their Wheaties this morning! Carson has a clear strategy early - pressure, pressure, pressure… and then fast break. The athletic Blue Demons team is starting to find ways to break through the pressure for easy layups as they took their first lead of the game 6-5. An intriguing matchup between the undersized Chris Demetillo of the Eagles and the significantly taller athletic Tyrone Aschognar on the Blue Demons. This incredibly fast-paced first quarter, featuring a few too many turnovers for both teams, finishes with Kits up by 1.


Kits worked the half court 2-3 zone, which is slowed the Eagles down and forced them to shoot more deep shots. Every guy the Eagles bring into this game seems to come out with the same amount of energy as the last. Kits extreme athleticism and height advantage has them going toe-to-toe with the energized Eagles. If Carson can maintain this level of effort throughout the game, we could be in for a tight match with an exciting finish. Blair Shier, head of photography for the 'No Regrets' Basketball Tournament Committee, must have heard the street level chatter about this game as he assumed his position on the gym floor to snap pictures of the players. A number of poor passing decisions by Carson gave the Blue Demons transition buckets, extending their lead to 6 with 2 minutes to go in the half. At the half, Kits is up 30-23 over Carson Graham. 


Eagles came flying out of the half getting themselves within 1 point after a couple minutes of play here in the second half. Aschognar, of the Blue Demons, has decided to take matters into his own hands, pushing the ball in transition and finishing a number of tough layups around the rim. Kits appears to have figured out the relentless pressure from the Eagles, as their lead was pushed to 14 points with under 2 minutes left in the third Q.


The chemistry of Kits came together in the second half  and the result that may have been expected by most seems to be coming together. Once Kits was able to calm their nerves, the sheer size of the Blue Demons posed a difficulty for the Eagles. Carson Graham put up a resilient fight, but in the end Kits completed the W - Kits: 65 - Carson: 50.


Tonight’s boys final will be a matchup with historical significance, at least from the point of view of a 2006 Handsworth Royals Grad. Handsworth Royals met the Kitsilano Blue Demons in the provincial AAA final in 2006 when Quinn Keast was named Player-of-the-Final Game. They will tip-off tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Collingwood Secondary. 


No Regrets. 


kits carson.jpg

Boys: Sturgeon Heights vs. Rutland

Written by Devin Delany, Handsworth Grad 2006

‘Voodoo craft some magic’


A Saturday morning battle between two teams travelling from afar with the Voodoos in town from Kelowna and the Huskies in from Winnipeg’s hinterland. Despite a quiet gymnasium with both teams limited fan base in town, the early going brought out high intensity and some feisty fouls on both teams.


It certainly appeared as though the Husky squad had been eating their fair share of prairie Wheaties as they looked big and strong oversizing a Voodoo team. The Huskies 6’7 provincial all-star centre Michael Fedak, put his size on display in the first frame bringing down countless boards on each end of the hardcourt. Despite the size mismatch the Voodoo were able to hang around the whole quarter and trailed by just 1 going into the second frame. 


The Voodoo were able to gain more momentum in the second penetrating the Huskies D and causing fouls up and down the court with the Husky hands getting a little too happy. Unfortunately, the Voodoo simply couldn’t capitalize on these fouls as they were finding nothing but iron from the charity stripe. At halftime the Huskies led 34-28 with both teams looking forward to the breather and guidance from their fearless leaders on the bench.


Halftime thought: What ever happened to the Vancouver Voodoo?!


Apparently whatever message Coach Josh Dorf gave to his Voodoo blue was heard loud and clear as they came out with a different intensity level pushing the pace on offence. The high court press seemed to be getting to the Huskies as frustration levels were mounting and they kept falling farther behind. This different pace completely changed the game giving the Voodoo a 63-51 lead going in the final quarter. 


If the Huskies were going to eat into this lead it would have to come on the back of their leader and all-star Fedak who seemed to be doing everything he could to will his team back.  Despite doing everything he could he simply couldn’t stop the Voodoo from making it rain from behind the arc and stretching the lead to 21 points. They continued to spread the ball around the court putting on a fantastic display of team work and court awareness.


A great battle of teams finished with the Voodoo coming back to win 87-72. Thank you to both teams for putting on a great show on an early Saturday morning.


Full time answer: The Voodoo were an inline roller hockey team found and owned by Tiger Williams that folded in 1996 after the league ceased operations. It’s a true shame they couldn’t keep rolling….


rutland sturgeon.jpg

Boys: Handsworth vs. Belmont

Written by Jeff McCutcheon, Handsworth Grad 2006

We're back at the Handsworth gym where Thursday night the Belmont Bulldogs were looking to upset the #5 ranked Handsworth Royals. Both teams are coming off big wins yesterday and the winner of this will truly be in a great position as this marquee tournament rolls along.


Like his coaches beautiful flow Royals Guard Nate Watters went absolutely on fire! Halfway through the first quarter he drained a couple threes and also had two lay ups to his name. At the other end of the court Belmont was doing a great job around the perimeter to keep this a close match. After the first quarter the home town Royals find themselves up 29-16.


Second quarter opened with both teams nailing long range shots. It's clear both of these squads have some great shooters and neither are afraid of putting them up. Three minutes in Bulldogs Nishad Tarak made a great fall-away shot and instantly fired up his teammates bench. Rallying from this big play Belmont was hitting the glass hard racking up offensive rebounds on four straight possessions. If the hometown boys can't find a way to box these dogs out we are going to be in for a very close finish. Halfway through it was Handsworth 54 and Belmont 39.


The Royals started the second half in an intense 1-2-2 full court press. All 5 players worked together to create multiple turnovers which led to easy points for the home team. The handsome Coach Mowat, wearing snug fitting Nike track pants on black Air Jordans, refused to let up on the offensive side either - demanding his players to push the ball and play the fast paced tempo he loves. As the third quarter comes to an end its 74 - 50 Royals. 


Both teams perimeter shooting continued to shine in the fourth quarter. Hopefully neither of these refs did arms yesterday because they are getting a workout raising their arms this evening. As Handsworth begins to pull away in this one, credit goes to the visiting Bulldogs. They never stopped fighting and continued to work hard until the final whistle, a Quinn Keast classic. 


Final score Handsworth 98 and Belmont 58.


Good luck to both teams down the road!


Player of the game: Nate Watters (Handsworth)


Boys: Kitsilano vs. Charles Hays

Written by Connor Lewis, Argyle Grad 2007


The game on the hill tonight featured two high powered AAAA powerhouses, the Charles Hays Rainmakers and Kitsilano Blue Demons. This game was a rematch of a previous exhibition game these two teams had played earlier this week. The previous game saw Kitsilano winning which set the stage for Charles Hays to come out firing tonight.


The first quarter was a wash, as no team was able to gain the advantage. Some stellar play by Liam McCeshney and Kai Leighton of Charles Hays, and Tyrone Asenoguan on Kitsilano, kept the teams at an even keel. Point for point, turnover for turnover, hustle play for hustle play, the first quarter was characterized by multiple lead changes. Charles Hays began in a 2-3 zone that was thwarted quickly by Tyrone’s pure athleticism and driving ability as well as Luka Dolman’s shooting ability. The Rainmakers’ zone found it difficult to box out big man Cort Armstrong who was a monster on the glass on both ends. However, the Rainmakers had a star of their own as Liam McCeshney played like a young Dirk Nowitzki and played strong both inside and out.


The second quarter featured much of same, with both teams catching fire and neither team able to get stops. Kits ran a screen-and-roll offence that would have made John Stockton and Karl Malone proud, while the Rainmakers played good all-around basketball moving the ball and had no issues penetrating against Kitsilano’s 1-2-2 full court press and 2-3 zone. The final score at the half was 47-43 for the Blue Demons.


Foul trouble started to plague Kits in the third, as multiple players had their minutes restricted.  Cort Armstrong unfortunately sat on the bunch with 4 fouls for much of the second half only to come in and foul out 2 minutes later. However, this gave room for Tiago Costa to shine, and he did just that. Cleaning up rebounds and showing off an impressive mid-range game, Kitsilano was able to pull away and expand on the lead.


But no lead was safe in this game as the 4th quarter was full of heroics and drama. Kitsilano’s Tyrone Asenoguan continued to dominate the ball offensively with flashy drives and great athleticism. Meanwhile, the Rainmakers started the 4th off a little cooler from the field and couldn’t manage to get anything going. However, after a strategic time-out, the Rainmakers went on a 7-0 run and brought the score back to within 2 points. The game continued to go back and forth. Some late game heroics by the Rainmakers Liam McCeshney and Kai Leighton who hit a big three and multiple mid-range buckets put the Rainmakers up 78-76 with 1:21 left. However, some mental lapses by the Rainmakers gave Kitsilano a chance for the win. Tyrone Asenoguan missed a jumper but Tiago Costa was there for the offensive rebound and worked his way to the line. To quote the Brooklyn Nets PG D’angelo Russel, Tiago Costa had “ice in his veins” as he stepped to the line and calmly sank both free throws to put Kits back up 82-81. The Rainmakers had a chance to win at the end, however, lock down defence by the Blue Demons did not allow the Rainmakers to put up a shot. Final Score was 82-81 for the Blue Demons.  














Boys: Seycove vs. Collingwood

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


In a battle of familiar foes, Seycove lines up against Collingwood for the first of many times in this 2017-2018 season. 


Collingwood came out on their home court with a flawless set motion play off the tip-off that led to an easy layup. Some nifty point guard play from the Cavaliers Lochlun Collins pushed the lead to 6 points early in the game. As the teams have settled into this game, the defensive pressure of both teams has resulted in a number of turnovers and a low scoring start to the match. Back-to-back threes for Imraan Karmali off the bench has Collingwood up 12-5. The Seahawks have made an effort to switch the momentum before the end of 1st quarter with a late run. After the first, the Cavaliers are up 19-17.


The Karmali twins worked hard to keep the Cavaliers in this game with the long ball and strong defence in transition. Early on it appeared Collingwood had a deeper bench which they were working to get involved in the game, whereas the Seahawks are content to work their 7 man rotation - this may turn into a battle of endurance down the stretch. Douglas Musselman is looking to single-handedly match the Karmali twins 3 point tally as he drains his third of the game with 5 minutes to go in the second quarter. A fast-paced entertaining finish to the half ended with the Cavs hitting a buzzer beater floater to take the lead: 45-44.


This Friday night Double A match-up is as entertaining a game as you could ask for. The back and forth exchange of buckets continues into the second half as it seems like neither team can stretch the lead more than a few points. One thing is for sure - neither team is afraid of attempting the three ball. 


Big man Denis Tuck on the Cavs took 3 years away from the game of basketball, but there is no rust in his game to this point. Seycove has experienced a healthy dose of Tuck crashing the boards, ripping down offensive rebounds and finishing tough inside. With that said, Seycove is staying well within striking distance as we headed into the fourth.


Chris Ross of Seycove, who laid down 50 points in a ‘No Regrets’ game 2 years ago as a Grade 10, was not ready to let the Cavaliers run away with this game quite yet. A number of strong finishes inside by Ross kept the Seahawks a little too close for comfort for the Collingwood supporters. A quick shift had Collingwood extending the lead to 8 points with 3 minutes to go. The Seahawks are going to need a late push and a number of clutch buckets to give themselves a chance of reaching the semi-finals. Musselman is keeping this game interesting, by hitting a three and tough layup late in the game to bring the Seahawks within 3 points with under a minute to go. 


It looks like it is time for Tuck to put those rugby cleats away and get some use out of those Nike sneakers. Great all around performance by Tuck who led his team to a 73-70 win over the Seahawks. 


The Cavaliers will face the Handsworth Royals in an all North Shore semi-final tomorrow morning at Handsworth.


No Regrets. 

sey coll 4 sm.jpg

Girls Semi Final: Handsworth vs. Argyle

It's a cross-town rivalry tonight as B.C.'s Honourable Mention Argyle Pipers took on the Handsworth Royals at Argyle on the girls side of the draw. Argyle opened up the scoring for this second semi-final game this Friday evening. Lizzie Mark-Worling scored the first for Handsworth with a lay-in countered by a three from Argyle's #10 Escat. The refs called Handsworth out for having 6 players on the floor with 6 minutes to go in the first quarter, although the 6th didn't appear to actually be on the floor. Sidney Fieldgate-Feenie would pick off Argyle's guard and take it all the way full-court for two, bringing Handsworth within 1 of home team Argyle. Handsworth continued to battle against Argyle's zone defence led by #13 Swant- Handsworth's guard #6 made a beautiful steal and went full-court for two to put Handsworth in the lead. That didn't last long as a quick reply from Argyle brought them back in the lead to finish the first quarter. Score at the end of 1? A microscopic 9- 8 for Argyle. 


Argyle continued their zone defence into the second quarter, causing a Handsworth turnover by way of Swant who finished for two. Swant would steal the ball again a couple of possessions later and again finish for two, taking Argyle up by 5. Handsworth quickly took a timeout, but the coach couldn't settle his players as Handsworth had another turnover when play resumed. Handsworth put on a full-court press, broken quickly by Argyle, although they wouldn't score. 


Midway through the second quarter, Argyle's #10 hit a baseline three pointer, contributing to their 11-1 run since the first quarter. A three from Handsworth's #14 would end that run, followed by 1/2 free throws for the girls in blue. Argyle would continue to push the ball efficiently, led by SFU-bound #13 Swant, and a couple of free throws later Argyle is up 14. At the end of the first half, Argyle leads Handsworth with a score of 28-18. 


Coach McComb's half-time talk must've been good! Handsworth would go to the line for two to open up the second half and then cause Argyle turnovers in the next two possessions. Argyle's full-court press slowed Handsworth down in the back court, but Handsworth would continue their 9-0 run thanks to a beauty bank shot by #24 Strigl. This brought Handsworth to within one of Argyle. Handworth's McComb would hit a three after a couple of questionable calls from the stripes, putting Handsworth in the lead by 2 and extending their run to 12-0. 


Handsworth would shut Argyle down from scoring for a solid 7 minutes into the second half. A highly-arced shot from the baseline for Handsworth took them up 4 on Argyle but Argyle's scoring drought would end as they dropped a field goal, coming within two. Thanks to Strigl's height and skill under the hoop, along with her calm counterpart McComb at guard, Handsworth would continue to lead as the third quarter came to an end. Handsworth finished the third quarter on a 16-2 run. 


A double team by Argyle forced a Handsworth turnover early in the fourth, but Argyle wouldn't score off of it. Strigl hit a three to give Handsworth their biggest lead of 7 points. Argyle was slow to get their offence going in the fourth, but I can't say the same for Handsworth- Fieldgate, Strigl, McComb, Mark-Worling and Magelund kept things calm and steady for Handsworth well into the fourth. With four minutes remaining in the game, Handsworth's lead increased to 11 with a three from Strigl. With fresh legs for Argyle, they continued to press but couldn't stop Handsworth from hitting more long balls. 


Argyle didn’t make it easy for Handsworth, pulling out all the stops including their full court press and double teams, causing several Handsworth turnovers, but it wouldn't be enough as Handsworth took the game 51-42, advancing to Saturday’s final vs. Walnut Grove. 

argyle 13.jpg

Boys: New West vs. Mount Boucherie

Written by Jeff McCutcheon, Handsworth Grad 2006

new west boucherie.jpg

New West Hyaks wearing their Cincinnati Bengal like orange uniforms took on the Mount Boucherie Bears. The Bengals, I mean Hyaks, came out hot in the transition game nailing easy points off the rush. Bears’ guard Harrison Larson made the most of his trip to the Lower Mainland nailing three three-pointers to keep this game tight. After the first quarter it's New West up 26-25. 


Defence will definitely be a topic for both coaches during the break as neither team showed much of it in the first. The second quarter continued where the first left off. The Bears nailed shots from the perimeter and the Hyaks got just about everything off the rush or a set play. This was going to be a high scoring affair. With two minutes left in the first half Bears’ Bobby Audy twisted his ankle badly and the already slim bench is now down to just one lonely player. Last night they finished the game with six players as well but it didn't effect their worth ethic one bit so I didn’t expect it to in this one either! 54 - 43 for the Hyaks at half.


Halftime: time to ponder – Exactly what is a Hyak?


#9 Audy headed to the court ankle-taped and limping to start the half, it will take a gutsy performance out of him to finish the game. New West implemented a full court press to start the half but Mount Boucherie looked like they had the speed and the ball skills to deal with it. As the quarter continued the Hyaks continued to roll out fresh bodies. This was truly a team effort by them with each player bringing something different to the table. The Bears got themselves into some foul trouble and, with two minutes left in the third, they were already in the penalty. They would have to play smart the rest of the way as they trailed New West 75 - 61 with one quarter left. 


The guards for the Hyaks continued to be very impressive on both ends of the court. Their quickness was tough for the Bears to deal with and could be the difference in the game. Once again it looked like the Bears were going to come up on the wrong end of this one but it certainly wasn't anything to do with their effort. I've gotten tired just watching these 7 kids give it their all these last two nights. Nice work on them and congrats to New West for their first win of the tournament.


Final Score: Hyaks 96 Bears 82

All the best in future games!


Player of the game: Manny Phangura (New West)

Girls Semi Final: Walnut Grove vs. Carson Graham

In the first of the girls’ semi-finals, Carson Graham Eagles came out hard and even-keeled with BC's #1 ranked Walnut Grove Gators. With 6 minutes left in the first, Gators were up one. A steal by the Gators, and then a turnover, resulted in their one point lead unchanged. Gators zone defence proved challenging for Carson-Rowell, #11 for the Gators, would steal the ball and go all the way for a tough made lay-up. The Gators were up 5 with 2 minutes to go in the first quarter. A floater by Gator's #5 took them up 7. Metcalfe for Carson would go to the line to shorten Carson's gap to 5. Carson's full court press would slow the Gators down but not prevent a three from #10. With just 5 seconds left on the clock in the first quarter, Carson drew a foul sending #7 to the line. Going 0/2, Gators would win the first quarter 19-14. 


Out of the gates in the second quarter, the Gator's zone defence caused a Carson turnover but they couldn't capitalize on it. Carson continued to full-court press into the second quarter, but a pair of free throws for Gators #9 would take them up 7. Carson remained scoreless several minutes into the second quarter thanks to #11 Tavia Rowell's full-court defence and seemingly impossible successful layups. Gators would go on a 10-0 run to start this quarter, halted by a Carson timeout followed by a lay-in by Carson's #11 Metcalfe. A nice high-low sequence from Metcalfe put Carson within 13 of Walnut Grove, while a 3 from Carson's fitting #3 would bring them within 10. 


The pace of the game wouldn't slow as the clock dwindled in the first half, with both teams fast breaking. Carson's #3 would again pull up for a jumper countered by Gator #10's field goal. #3 Walker's shot for Carson would continue to stay hot, helping the Eagles come within 7. A coach's technical from the Gator's bench would send a shooter to the line for Carson. Score at half time: Carson 30-WG 37. 


Halftime: time to ponder - Exactly what is a gator? And, if it is short for alligator, do they have them in Walnut Grove?


Carson opened up with a field goal followed by a steal; Metcalfe would drain another from the field bringing them within 4 of the Gators. Carson refused to back down from the feisty team in green. With 5 left to go in the third, Carson would find a hole in the Gators’ defence, keeping within reach of a possible lead. Gator's #11 Rowell, however had other plans. Her continuing to drive the basket in tough situations was impressive to say the least, although no one else seemed surprised - it's just what she does. 


Matched turnovers from each team would keep the Eagles down 9 with 4 minutes to go in the third quarter. Carson's zone defence, with a little help from their boys’ team chanting from the stands, saw Carson continue to trail Walnut Grove, but the lead didn't increase past 9 as Metcalfe hit a field goal. Some sloppy play, to the Gators’ advantage, had Gators up 57-46 at the end of the third quarter. 


The fourth quarter saw the Gators’ biggest lead of 12 with 6 minutes to go in the game. That didn't quiet Carson's bench as their enthusiasm continued throughout the quarter. Back and forth play mid-way through the fourth quarter kept W-Grove up 11. With 4 minutes to go, the Gators saw their biggest lead, helped by Rowell's long three, with a score of 72-56. Walnut Grove's press late in the game would cause problems for the Eagles but wouldn't stop Metcalfe from scoring an easy one under the hoop. Carson appeared to tire in the last couple of minutes, which the Gators took advantage of. Finally Walnut Grove would take off late in the fourth, winning 86-62. 


Coming from the biggest school in Langley, it was surprising to see Walnut Grove with such a small bench, but the 8 Gators got the job done today-despite Carson Graham not backing down. See Walnut Grove play in the final Saturday at 3:45pm at Collingwood. 

Boys: West Van vs. Rutland

Both teams were decked out in their black 'No Regrets' shirts for warm up this afternoon up at Collingwood as West Van prepared to take on Rutland from Kelowna. There was quite a mismatch down low with WV's big man, #12, Kim, against Rutland's #7, Thouli, but this didn't stop Rutland from opening up the scoring in transition when WV couldn't make quick use of their post. Rutland continued to attacked WV's 2-3 zone defence, finding pockets and capitalizing on them. With spectacular movement of the ball around the zone defence, as well as a baseline runner, Rutland was up 11-3 with 6 minutes to go in the first. 


Rutland clearly had a plan against WV's Kim, as they continued to collapse on him down low. However, WV countered with a three from their big man to come within one point of Rutland, going on a 7-0 run.  Another three pointer from WV's versatile Kim tied the game at 13 with three minutes left in the quarter. 


Continuing in transition, Rutland's #13, Porter, scored an easy layup and Rutland's coach subbed on some fresh legs to finish the quarter. A lazy turnover by Rutland couldn't be made use of by WV, and the quarter ended with Rutland in the lead 17-15. 


To start the second quarter, a long shot-clock buzzer beater from Rutland's Porter took them up three. After a WV timeout, both teams still had three's on the mind as Rutland hit one followed directly by West Van. This would tie the game at 25 with 5 left in first half. Rutland's Porter, with three fouls, was replaced on the floor, and it was clear he was a difference maker- without him, WV took their first lead of the game when #10 Fu hit another three, making it three for him in the first half. Rutland's guard #4 Wambacher continued to play stellar defence, but it wasn't enough in the second quarter to keep their lead, as the half ended with West Van up 39-37. 


To start the second half, Rutland started with a zone defence which didn't pose much of a problem for West Van as they broke it and scored twice followed by a visit to the free throw line to go up 7. Rutland's Porter came back on the floor despite having three fouls, scoring to bring Rutland within 5. They continued with their zone defence while West Van continued to break it, keeping their 7 point lead well into the third quarter. 


Rutland looked like they wanted to try something new as they subbed four players with 4 minutes left in the third quarter. Rutland's Wambacher continued to be a nuisance for WV's guards to put up with, and would create a turnover followed by draining a three, followed by another steal in West Van's back court followed by another three. This would tie the game with a minute left in the third quarter. After a pair of successful three throws by West Van's #4, Dunn, along with West Van being in bonus, West Van finished the third quarter up two points thanks to a shot from Rutland from behind the backboard. Score at the end of the third quarter: West Van 56- Rutland 54. 


It was anyone's game at this point. The physicality of the game increased as the whistle blew, signaling the start of the last quarter. Rutland's Wambacher continued to drive the hoop through traffic, making a seemingly impossible layup look easy. This would tie the game at 58. Rutland, thanks to #10 Sandhar's two, would once again take the lead with 6 minutes left in the game. 


Rutland pulled out all the stops by implementing a full-court press while up 7 with 5 minutes to go. This would be reduced to 5 points with a turnover for Rutland followed by a fast break by West Van to score. Rutland's offensive rebounding helped them secure two threes in a row, and Rutland went up 11 with 2 minutes to go. West Van, pulling out a full-court press to try to regain a lead, would end up falling to Rutland...

Boys: Argyle vs. David Thompson

Written by Devin Delany, Handsworth Grade 2006

“Trojans forget their army”


It was a foggy evening in North Vancouver but it certainly didn’t seem to impact the Pipers vision of the bucket on their home court. Argyles small forward Alex Wallace was wasting no time in the early going pushing the triangle offence and leading the Pipers to two early buckets and quick boards on the defensive end. His combination of speed and length seemed to be causing fits for the undersized Trojan squad. It was no surprise to see a pair of Kevin Durant’s signature sneakers on his feet as his game seemed to mirror the 8 time all star and reigning MVP’s play.


This early lead seemed to be getting to the Trojans coach Jimmy Choi, as he was visibly frustrated pacing back and forth, his voice echoing through the gymnasium. After 1 quarter of high pace play the Pipers were up 22-11 highlighted by Wallace’s highlight real swat to finish the frame in style.


Despite being undersized and overpowered in the first frame, the Trojans decided to continue with the small unit and surprisingly keep their larger frames on the pine. This undersized unit continued to struggle on the offensive end as they couldn’t seem to find a way over the Pipers length which resulted in an exciting block party. These blocks were certainly followed by cheers from the home Pipers fans who loved the enthusiasm getting up and after it.


The Pipers rested their star Alex Wallace during the second but it was then his replacement Bauer’s turn to take control providing the Pipers with yet another dangerous weapon on offense. Much like Wallace, Bauer’s length made for defensive nightmares all over the court opening up all sorts of opportunities for the rest of his squad. These two slash brothers would finish the game collectively with a combination of 30 points and 16 boards making a serious statement to the rest of the upcoming opponents.


At half the Pipers led the deflated Trojans 45-23.


With a long tournament ahead for the Pipers and a safe lead, coach Bruce Wallace intelligently started to share some the minutes and rested some their leading weapons. The Pipers #22 Jacob Green took full advantage of his minutes in the second half and his efforts were more than appreciated by the Piper faithful as he seemed to garner the loudest of cheers after his buckets. Jacob would highlight the 3rd frame with his work in the low post putting up a quarter high 8 points and 3 boards to make an attractive stat line for himself. One Piper teammate actually yelled out “Mouse in the House” at Jacob’s size dominance in the paint in reference to his dwarfing the opposing defender. As you may imagine this comment drew some laughs and some confusing looks from both an educated and uneducated basketball fan base in the gym.


The visiting Trojans continued to work but were finding little success on the offensive end against the structured defence. The Pipers sat back with a 2-1-2 zone defence and simply invited the long-range jumpers as they were confident the Trojans were simply having an off night.


At the end of it all the Pipers put together a dominating performance bringing home a 93-40 victory.


Best of luck to both squads as they look to get right back at it on short rest tomorrow morning!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media with #noregretsbasketball2017 and use the ‘No Regrets’ filter on snapchat to be apart of all the action!





Girls: Lord Byng vs. Sturgeon Heights

This was a good match of teams separated by 2300 km. Sturgeon had a tough first game on the day it travelled and fell by 6 to Handsworth. Now it hoped to redeem that tough travel day with a win over your loyal correspondent’s alma mater (Class of 19xx i.e.none of your business).


Score at the half: 25-20 in favour of Byng. Sturgeon’s Kernaghan led all scorers with 12 points including 3 for 3 from the foul line.


Just as Byng was stretching its lead in the third quarter Sturgeon had a 5-0 run fuelled by a string of Ghostly turnovers. However U. Vic bound Grey Ghost Skylar MacDonald nailed a 3 to restore an 8 point lead. Sturgeon was far from finished laying out some solid defence. With 4 minutes left in the third Byng’s Reimer came on and the offence kicked up again. A couple of Reimer free throws stretched the lead to 10 until a sweet lay-up by Sturgeon’s #6 enlivened the assembled. However, at the end of 3 quarters it was 42-32 in Byng’s favour.


The last frame began with what felt like a let down for the pre-historic fish just as the Ghosts ramped it up. The gap of 10 was steady oscillating 2 points either way. But then… Sturgeon #4 nailed a three and some other stuff happened and the lead was reduced to 4 with 4 min to go. Then Byng’s MacDonal took over and both scored on an athletic drive to the hoop and, off a Sturgeon, turnover, dished to a teammate and the lead was 6.


With a minute to go and down by 4 Sturgeon missed a three and lost the rebound ball on the possession arrow. Then Byng turned it over on a time clock violation and Sturgeon drove down for the foul and made both shots. The with 9 seconds to go Sturgeon got the ball back on the arrow and was fouled, Made both! Yikes. 6 sec. left and Sturgeon down by 1. They had to fouls and did but with 1 second to go. Not much to work with. Final 54-52 Byng.


Final Score: Lord Byng 54, Sturgeon Heights 52

Player-of-the-Game: Skylar MacDonald


High scorers:

Byng: MacDonal with 13

Sturgeon: Kernaghan 26 (including 9 for 10 FTs)

Girls: Holy Cross vs. Bodwell

The early going was tough for Bodwell as they turned the ball over to the swarming Crusaders. But they were here to play and they treated every possession as if it was the first of the game. #11 for Bodwell, Onyi Chikezie quarterbacked the team and was a steady knowledgable hand for someone only a couple of years into the game. On the other side Holy Cross has a deep basketball tradition on the girls side and came well-prepared. Steals were often converted and at the half it was Holy Cross 35, Bodwell 8. The Crusaders were led by Vanessa Garcia with 13 points.


Bodwell came out of halftime with some defensive intention but the Crusaders #22 Shaelynn Tolerton was a force that was not entirely reckoned with. She showed her skill in positioning down low and her ability to reliably convert the under-the-basket shots.


At one point late in the third quarter Bodwell’s #23 Frolova dribbled the ball up the court and Holy Cross #9 got in the way and was literally run over. Courageous defence against a moving train! #9 got right up and jumped into the play. At the end of the third it was 53-21 for Holy Cross.                                                                                                                                                                                             


In the 4th the girls competed enthusiastically but the final result was unlikely to change. Still, treating every possession like a new game gave this match some attraction. Bodwell #10 Aizuki used her height and hands to grab some rebounds and put them back up.


Final score: Holy Cross 69, Bodwell 32

Player-of-the-game - Shaelynn Garcia of Holy Cross


High scorers: Garcia and Tolerton for Holy Cross with 13 and 12

                        Frolova and Aizuki for Bodwell with 18 and 14