Girls Final: Handsworth vs. Walnut Grove

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


grove hands 2.jpg

Before the girls tip-off in this finals matchup, the crowd got to view the inspirational video which provides background on the source of ‘No Regrets’. A motivating video to get the squads fired up before the big game.


Both teams have come out pushing the ball in transition at every opportunity. A couple of lefties, one for each team, have sank deep threes - Walnut Grove up by 8 early. The Handsworth Royals are going to have to minimize turnovers and take advantage of their scoring opportunities to keep pace with the highly skilled Walnut Grove Gators team. The Gators have made easy layups in transition, and knocked down the deep ball to give themselves a 14 point lead after the first Q. 


The Royals continue to struggle to create easy opportunities for themselves, with all shot attempts inside being strongly challenged and any open shots coming from the lands where only Steph Curry is comfortable. Janelle McComb on Handsworth, the smooth shooting lefty, is trying to use that three ball to get her team back in this game. The pressure defence from the Gators is doing damage to the Royals - Gators up 45-18 at the half. 


Walnut Grove has continued where they left off as the second half begins, going on a 10-3 run to start the third quarter. This game is already out of reach here in the third for the Royals, but this will allow them an opportunity to rotate their players and get great experience against a top team, which may pay dividends later in the season. On a positive note, the score is not reflective of the effort Handsworth has put forth. After 3 quarters the Royals are down, they are down big. 


Congratulations to both the Handsworth Royals and the Walnut Grove Gators on successful No Regrets Basketball Tournaments. In the end, the Gators win the final big with a final score of 114-29.


No Regrets. 

Jamie Keast