Boys: Argyle vs. David Thompson

Written by Devin Delany, Handsworth Grade 2006

“Trojans forget their army”


It was a foggy evening in North Vancouver but it certainly didn’t seem to impact the Pipers vision of the bucket on their home court. Argyles small forward Alex Wallace was wasting no time in the early going pushing the triangle offence and leading the Pipers to two early buckets and quick boards on the defensive end. His combination of speed and length seemed to be causing fits for the undersized Trojan squad. It was no surprise to see a pair of Kevin Durant’s signature sneakers on his feet as his game seemed to mirror the 8 time all star and reigning MVP’s play.


This early lead seemed to be getting to the Trojans coach Jimmy Choi, as he was visibly frustrated pacing back and forth, his voice echoing through the gymnasium. After 1 quarter of high pace play the Pipers were up 22-11 highlighted by Wallace’s highlight real swat to finish the frame in style.


Despite being undersized and overpowered in the first frame, the Trojans decided to continue with the small unit and surprisingly keep their larger frames on the pine. This undersized unit continued to struggle on the offensive end as they couldn’t seem to find a way over the Pipers length which resulted in an exciting block party. These blocks were certainly followed by cheers from the home Pipers fans who loved the enthusiasm getting up and after it.


The Pipers rested their star Alex Wallace during the second but it was then his replacement Bauer’s turn to take control providing the Pipers with yet another dangerous weapon on offense. Much like Wallace, Bauer’s length made for defensive nightmares all over the court opening up all sorts of opportunities for the rest of his squad. These two slash brothers would finish the game collectively with a combination of 30 points and 16 boards making a serious statement to the rest of the upcoming opponents.


At half the Pipers led the deflated Trojans 45-23.


With a long tournament ahead for the Pipers and a safe lead, coach Bruce Wallace intelligently started to share some the minutes and rested some their leading weapons. The Pipers #22 Jacob Green took full advantage of his minutes in the second half and his efforts were more than appreciated by the Piper faithful as he seemed to garner the loudest of cheers after his buckets. Jacob would highlight the 3rd frame with his work in the low post putting up a quarter high 8 points and 3 boards to make an attractive stat line for himself. One Piper teammate actually yelled out “Mouse in the House” at Jacob’s size dominance in the paint in reference to his dwarfing the opposing defender. As you may imagine this comment drew some laughs and some confusing looks from both an educated and uneducated basketball fan base in the gym.


The visiting Trojans continued to work but were finding little success on the offensive end against the structured defence. The Pipers sat back with a 2-1-2 zone defence and simply invited the long-range jumpers as they were confident the Trojans were simply having an off night.


At the end of it all the Pipers put together a dominating performance bringing home a 93-40 victory.


Best of luck to both squads as they look to get right back at it on short rest tomorrow morning!

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Jamie Keast