Boys: Seycove vs. Belmont

Written by John Leong, Handsworth Grad 2011

The final day of the Tournament is where we get our name. Can players say they’ve left it all on the court after three days of competition? Can they go back to their respective cities and homes with “No Regrets”?



The opening tip-off was won by the Belmont Bulldogs and they were first to strike with a nice inbound play drawn up for #21 Isaac Ickovich. Seycove was getting a lot of open looks including a pair of 'and 1' opportunities, but #3 Nishad Tarak of Bulldogs answered the call with a pair of 3’s that allowed the Bulldogs to hold a 24-13 lead at the end of the first.


#21 Isaac Ickovich of the Bulldogs continued using his size to control both the offensive and defensive boards. Early on, the difference appeared to be the quality of shots each team was getting - the Bulldogs getting opportunities close to the basket with Seycove being okay settling for contested jumpers. With four minutes remaining in the second the Bulldogs had grown their lead to 21 points. #13 Michael Douhan of the Seyhawks hit a lay-up followed by a three to build some momentum for the Seycove team. #25 Dylon Matthews of the Seyhawks got a block and then saved the ball throwing it off the offensive player to get the ball back to Seycove. From there #3 Nishad Tarak and #25 Dylon Matthews traded three pointers but the score at remained in favour of the out of town Bulldogs 43-29.


Both teams opened the second half attacking the hoop and extending their pressure into the full court. #3 Nishad Tarak of the Bulldogs got back to what he knows best - attacking the rim for a pair of layups. #25 Dylon Matthews of the Seyhawks was there to answer every call coming back with a midrange jumper and three to beat the shot clock. Halfway through the third Belmont still held onto a 12 point lead. 


#3 Douglas Musselman of Seycove hit a three which was immediately responded to by an 'and 1' from #21 Isaac Ickovich of the Bulldogs. #23 Cashel Findler hit another driving lay-up to bring the Seyhawks within five. The Bulldogs put the ball in the hands of #3 Nishad Tarak once again who scored another slicing layup to stop the Seycove run. A pair of free throws by Seycove #3 Douglas Musselman at the end of the third quarter put the Seyhawks up one for their first lead of the game..


To start the 4th, #25 Dylon Matthews hit another pull up jumper and the Bulldogs answered with, you guessed it, #3 Nishad Tarak who opened with his own 5-0 run. #10 Chris Ross of Seycove who had been relatively quiet all game got a tough driving lay-up to keep it close. Matthews of Seycove and Tarak of Belmont continued to trade baskets through the fourth but it was the Bulldogs who came out on top. Final score 78-73 in favour of the Bulldogs.



Player of the Game: Belmont Bulldogs #3 Nishad Tarak



Belmont Bulldogs High Scorers:

#3 Nishad Tarak - 25 Points

#21 Isaac Ickovich - 10 Points



Seycove Seyhawks High Scorers

#10 Chris Ross - 22 Points

#23 Cashel Findler - 21 Points


Jamie Keast