Boys: Seycove vs. Charles Hays

This game sees AA #1 ranked Seycove Secondary take on AA #4 ranked Charles Hays up at the beautiful Collingwood Senior Campus. Charles Hays traveled all day yesterday from Prince Rupert for the tournament as they have in years past. 

Despite 6' 9" Liam McChesney being taken to the hospital last night after their exhibition game against Collingwood, he started the game for the Charles Hays Rainmakers this afternoon as they took on Seycove in their first game of the 'No Regrets' Tournament. #13 McChesney's hospital stint didn't stop him from dunking in the first minute of the game, taking Charles Hays up 6-3. 

Seycove's #8, Austin Siemens, hit a three to bring them within one of Charles Hays. McChesney would have another huge dunk to take Hays up by 5. Charles Hays played a physical quarter and, at the end of the first, thanks to a dunk from Hays #10, Logan Somerville,  they led Seycove 28-17. 

Charles Hays scored early in the second quarter, and two minutes passed with no points on the board until McChesney dunked again, putting Hays up 32-17. Seycove received a technical foul with 6 minutes to go in the half and McChesney hit both from the line. With 4 minutes left in the half, Seycove was T'd up again allowing Charles Hays to pull away 40-22.

With a last minute air-ball-turned-alley-hoop, Charles Hays led Seycove 50-25 at the half, including 23 points, 6 of them dunks, from McChesney of Charles Hays. Musselman had 10 points for Seycove at the half. 

The high powered offence of Charles Hays continued to make things difficult for Seycove in the second half, as the Rainmakers have extended their lead continuously through the third quarter. McChesney’s height down low has forced the Seahawks into collapsing in the post, which in turn really opened up the floor for Charles Hays’ shooters. A three point shooters dream out there I tell ya. Rainmakers up big at the end of the third.

Strong ball pressure from the Rainmakers led to a turnover and the end result was McChesney throwing the hammer down with an explosive dunk in transition. With a significant lead for the Rainmakers, this will provide the Seahawks with an opportunity to get the full squad significant playing time early in the season which could pay off in spades when they line up for regular season play. With 7 minutes to go in the game McChesney is getting quite comfortable with his teams 34 point lead, comfortable enough to take his sneakers off and commence the rest and recovery time. 

Austin Siemens was the leader on the offensive end for the Seahawks, creating opportunities for himself and his teammates within their offensive sets. He will inevitably cause some trouble for the next team Seycove matches up with tomorrow.

In the end, the athleticism and skill from the Rainmakers, backed by their great basketball tradition gave them a lead early and they refused to let Seycove get anywhere close down the stretch. Final score: 91-57.

No Regrets.

Jamie Keast