Girls Semi-Final: Heritage Woods vs. Barker College (Australia)

We still aren't sure Barker College has slept since they arrived from Australia, but they look ready to go. Meanwhile, Heritage Woods is down a few players due to injuries including an MCL and ACL-thankfully not on the same player. Barker College Sr. Boys are in the crowed-we can definitely tell by the noise level in Carson Graham's gym! 

Barker came out pressing from the start, but it wasn't enough to stop the Heritage Woods Kodiak's #8, Jenna Griffin, from draining a three. With a big block from Barker's #4 Sami Sproule, Barker took off down the floor and capitalized, taking them up 8-5 with 4 minutes left in the first quarter. Barker either got sleep last night, or ate their Wheaties! However, Kodiak's #15 Emily Instant, at 6'2", would match up nicely with Barker's Sproule inside, and take the Kodiak's up 17-10 at the end of the first quarter. 

 A left-handed #11 Kozak for the Kodiaks, also standing tall at 6'1", would replace Instant at half. Kodiak's #4 would easily get through the paint to lay it in for two, returned by Barker who did the same on the other end of the floor. Kodiak's #8, Griffin, continued to push the ball, fast-breaking and feeding her post, #15 Instant, but the balls just weren't dropping from inside. On the other end of the floor, Barker's #4 Sproule would make what looked like an easy basket inside while she had 4 players defending her down low. Griffin would steal the ball off Barker for an easy break-away lay-in giving the Kodiak's their biggest lead of 7. Kodiak's would take off from this point on, and end the first half up 35-16. 

Barker came out in the second half showing a zone defense, but Griffin found the pocket, draining a three. Kodiak's #14 Martin remained a calming force both down low and above the arc. Heritage Woods' #1, Tomlinson, would go down hard and drain both at the line taking the Kodiak's up 47-25, their biggest lead of the game at the end of the third quarter. 

The fourth quarter saw more back-and-forth action, as the Kodiak's continued to stay up 19 points throughout the quarter. Barker's #4 Sproule would continue to dominate down low, getting her own offensive rebounds and putting them back up. Heritage Woods would take the game 57-36. 

No Regrets. 

Jamie Keast