No Regrets: The Philosophy

The expression of having ‘no regrets’ is neither new nor revolutionary, but its simplicity is compelling It acts as a lighthouse for when seas are both stormy and calm. In athletics it has a powerful presence among those who choose to commit themselves to sport, not for the tangible rewards, which may only come to a few, but for the personal development that follows from making thoughtful, principled choices and not revisiting that wisdom when events change and evolve.

The Quinn Keast Foundation was established in 2006 to recognize the special qualities in student-athletes that were manifested in Quinn’s approach to life and to his passion for basketball. Quinn had the privilege of playing for British Columbia in his high school years at Handsworth Secondary in North Vancouver and of being on the winning team and ‘Player of the Final Game’ in the 2006 AAA provincial championship. He willed himself to excel and, in the last two years of high school, kept a diary of his thoughts and experiences. That diary shows the evolution of someone who had an extraordinary will to succeed as an athlete and as a person. In the summer before his Grade 12 year he wrote that he wanted to live life to the fullest, work hard at everything he did and love lots. In doing so he vowed to have NO REGRETS.

It is a simple message but complicated by the forces that buffet each of us every day. It will hold you steady to your task and with the comfort that you have done your best at all times. There can be no surer path to personal fulfillment than to be able to say that you have no regrets about what you have done and how you have gone about doing it.

No regrets: thoughtful, principled choices and unconditional commitment. No second guessing.