Boys: Collingwood vs. Tupper

There was a capacity crowd in the spectacular 1-year old super-gym at Collingwood School in West Van’s British Properties to see the host #3 ranked AA Cavs take on the Tupper Tigers from the mid-section of Vancouver. Tupper Coach Jeff Gourlay, a contender for the Tournament’s best dressed coach, seemed uncharacteristically nervous. While he did not exactly say it, he looked like he was wondering “how come the Collingwood guards are so tall?”.  Tupper was down 41-18 at the midpoint with half of Collingwood’s points coming from Carter Armstrong (12) and Liam Huebner (8). Filip Stajic had 8 for Tupper. The Cavs continued the onslaught in the second half building a 30 point lead by the ¾ mark. Collingwood’s back-up point guard Gr. 11 Samir Damji, the smallest player on the team, jacked a sweet 3 in the 3rd quarter followed by a well-sold fake on a 2-on-1 fast break that brought the crowd to its feet. Final score: Collingwood 74, Tupper 38.

Jamie Keast