Boys: Lord Tweedsmuir vs. Charles Hays

After a thrilling finish in a locals matchup between the West Van Highlanders and the Seycove Seahawks, there is an excitement amongst the gym as Charles Hays and Lord Tweedsmuir get warmed up for their heavy weight battle. With the 6’11 Prince Rupert star McChesney alternating being tomahawk slam dunks and three pointers in warmup, we should be in for an entertaining rumble. 

Early on, Tweedsmuir struggled to stop the guard-like athleticism from McChesney who was able to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. It appears it will take a true team-effort from Tweedsmuir to slow down Charles Hays’ current pace.

During a stoppage and play the coaches each took a moment to show off their handles, and apparently check to see if the ball is truly a sphere; play has now resumed. Tweedsmuir’s coach won that “heavy weight battle” with a decisive between-the-legs dribble.

A great effort by both squads has this tilt scoring tight at half with a score of 39-38.

Tweedsmuir has had plenty of chances to take the lead in the third, but they have struggled to capitalize on the numerous turnovers they have forced. Intense pressure to finish out the third quarter got them tied at 55 before McChesney made a buzzer beater to put his squad back up by 2.

In the end, Tweedsmuir’s grit and no-quit attitudes led them to a victory and have put them into tomorrow’s semi-final where they will face the Seycove Seahawks.

Jamie Keast