Boys: Belmont vs. Seycove

Written by Scott Leigh

Belmont and Seycove both came out with intensity in the first quarter which proved to be a high scoring shootout with plenty of long distance threes. Belmont was able to maintain a lead throughout the quarter led by the athleticism of their point guard, #1.


The first quarter ended with a bang, as #24 on Seycove hit a half court buzzer beater to bring Seycove within 3 of Belmont. The crowd erupted with excitement as the basketball made its way through the twine - “Too bad that wasn’t for a car!” and “that may be the shot of the year” came howling from the stands. 


Both teams settled into their style of play at the midpoint of the second quarter, which had the Seahawks up by 4. The Seahawks mixed up their defensive structure by occasionally falling back into a zone defense, attempting to surprise Belmont. Belmont seemed unfazed by the defensive changes as they were able to comfortably pass their way through the zone for easy buckets. 


Multiply smart possessions and a flurry of fast break points by the Seahawks had them heading into the half with a 14 point lead. The Seahawks would hope that their impressive 49 point first half would carry into the second half.


Coming out the of the half Belmont seemed to have sorted out their defensive flaws as well as their scoring on the offensive end to bring the game back to a 6 point lead. This brought the bench to their feet as “defence” was belted out on every Seahawk possession. What a quarter the 3rd proved to be for Belmont as they somehow took complete control of the frame and torched Seycove to tie up the game. 


An entertaining game to say the least with a handful of lead changes. Final score:Seycove 80 -

Belmont 84- Seycove 80

Jamie Keast