Boys Semi-Final: Handsworth vs. Argyle

Written by Tom Keast

Owing to the slippery logistics of this slushy December Saturday, this will be a second half game report as your intrepid reporter endeavours to cover several sites while travelling at a safe speed. We have the Argyle Pipers with a 5 point advantage over the home court Handsworth Royals. Spies report that the Pipers collapsing defence, superior quickness and fast break surprises contributed to their half-time advantage.

This is a very high energy athletic contest with a great deal of speed and suffocating defence. Much of the scoring is done in close leading one to wonder where the 3-point shooters are. But we digress.

There are steals, giveaways, travels and all such interruptions in the flow of the game. At the three quarter the game was tied at 52. There is no indication of who is more likely to win. Finally a 3 from HW # 8 Jandrisch which was immediately answered by an Argyle lay-up. More steals, travels, yikes! HW#3 McLean emerging as a game changing threat in the late going. The silence during a time-out with 5 min. left was a strange contrast to the chaos of the game. Argyle #10 x converted an 'and 1' with 4 minutes remaining kept them within 2. An over and back by HW completed the suite of misdemeanours in this game. But McLean to big #21 Hajisafar and another very athletic lay-up by McLean followed by a steal put the Pipers down 72-62 with a minute left. Argyle did not give up but then neither did Handsworth. Final Handsworth 72 - Argyle 62.

Note: Air horn while foul shots being taken? Not cool. Air horns at all? Also not cool.

Jamie Keast