Boys: Pitt Meadows vs. Kitsilano

Written by Tom Keast

This a classic matching of old school provincial contenders, maybe not so much today but definitely a storied history. Think Coach Goulet of PM and Randy Coutts of Kits. Legends both. But we have moved on.


Pitt was a man or two short and started 5 grade 11s. Could bode well for next year. For its part Kits only had 7 players dressed


For Kits #8 Lizdek has a sweet jumper although he went 1 for 5 in the early going.He could heat up.On the other hand PM has the giant Manu #34 who is 6' 8" and in the range of 290 lbs. (132 kilos for those who think that way). He will no doubt do damage down low. At the end of the first it was 15-10 for Kits as Manu scored a bruising basket from directly under the net which was quickly answered by Lizdek for Kits. The pattern continued as Kits stretched the lead to a 40-21 half-time lead.


If Pitt was supposed to come out of the dressing room at the half with renewed energy it was deflated by an early trey from Kits #28. By the time the lead was 20 for Kits the game had flattened out in energy and point production. The scoring in the 3rd quarter was 11-5 in favour of Kits. End of the third: Kits 51 - 26 Pitt.


Lizdek continued his stellar play and tore apart the Pitt defence with sharp passing and good work by the teammates that caught them. With the score 61-28 Pitt must have been hoping for the clock to tick faster. To their credit, with subs on the floor, they competed gamely while the game slowed. There was a brief trading of 3s but the end was determined lang before the final buzzer. Final score: Kits 74 -  44 Pitt.

Jamie Keast