Boys: Salmon Arm vs. Queen Elizabeth

This was a game of cat and mouse with QE as cat and the Salmon Arm Golds as mouse. For most of the game the mouse eluded the cat by keeping a safe but not insurmountable distance between it and its pursuer. At the half it was 42-39 SA who were steadied by the solid play of #7 Dawson Mayes. Coach Rhys Waters had set a fine example of unflappability which was reflected in his team's demeanour. By the 3/4 pole the lead was a mere 5 for SA but with a lot of loose ball and contested scrambles. With under 5 minutes to go the scoring intensified. QE #6 Ikar stole one and laid it up for 2. With 2 1/2 min. Left and the score tied at 72 Mayes hit a 3 from the corner followed by an immediate 2 point response from QE. Then a time out at 1:49. This game was hanging in the balance. Cat close to mouse!  But mouse has extra legs. 2 layups by Mayes and Mcdonald for SA coupled with 2 missed foul shots by QE's big man had SA at 79-74 with 45 sec. remaining. A late offensive rebound by SA sealed it for them.This was an excellent game. Final SA 79 - 74 QE.

Note to fast break quarterbacks: the rafters at Handsworth are lower than you think.

Jamie Keast