Boys: Handsworth vs. Belmont Spirit Game

Written by Mica Jensen

On Thursday afternoon, December 8th, the Handsworth Royals took on the Belmont Bulldogs as part as Handsworth’s second spirit game of the day. The senior boys played  an intense match, leaving everything on the court.

The Handsworth players kicked off the game with speed and agility, both teams measuring every move to insure absolute precision. The ball flew up and down the court, along with the roar of the home crowds cheer. Right off the bat, the Royals pull into the lead. But the Bulldogs fought relentlessly through the first quarter, only to be trailing the home team.

The second quarter started with a memorable Belmont play, consisting of Bulldog #00 launching the ball overhand all the way down the court to his teammate #01, that  for the layup. 

The game continued on to be a true example of sportsmanship and pride for both teams.

Halftime rolled around with a score of 41-27 for the Royals.

The second half began with a buzz of excitement. Belmont was recharged and ready for some action against their rivals. Handsworth proved they’re a tough team to beat, relentlessly visiting the Belmont hoop. The scored sat steady at 59-41 for the Royals at the end of the third period.

The last period started with the hunger for a win. Both Belmont and Handsworth players took tumbles in effort to snatch the ball. The boys fought till the very end with Handsworth getting the well-earned victory at 73-52 for the host.


Jamie Keast