Girls: Handsworth vs. Charles Best Spirit Game

Written by Mica Jensen

Thursday morning, December 8th, the Handsworth ‘Royals’ senior girls basketball team faced the Charles Best ‘Blue Devils’ in an all out fight for victory. The first quarter went by quickly, with an ever changing score that rested at 17-16 for Charles Best. The Royals fought back hard, ducking and diving for every point, electrifying the game. At halftime, the score was 29- 27 for the Royals. 

The second half began with a Charles Best blitz making a hoop only 12 seconds in. The Royals, however, did not stand still. They fought hard and sank a three pointer quickly, settling the score once again. With five minutes left in the game, Handsworth fought to catch the five points they needed to take home the win. Both the teams were aggressive and hungry for the gold. With three minutes to go, #6 from Handsworth sank an impressive three pointer that tied the game 50-50. The madness continued until, with two seconds on the clock, #4 for the Blue Devils sank a three pointer for the win in the Handsworth Senior Girls Spirit Game.

Jamie Keast