Girls: Carson Graham vs. Holy Cross

The Carson Graham Eagles girls’ squad did not don the Harlemesque outfits of the boys’ team, however they didn't need the loud stripes to get off to a strong start against Holy Cross. They kept HC pointless until about 4 minutes into the first quarter. #11 from Carson Graham, Metcalfe, was a tall force to be reckoned with down low: she would finish the first half with 16 points.  


With four minutes left in the first half, Metcalfe had a beauty drop-step into the key for a lay in, increasing Carson Graham's lead to 18. Holy Cross's turnovers cost them late in the half. Halftime score: Carson 39-Holy Cross 12.  


Carson came out after halftime with the same eagerness to score as they did the first-Metcalfe had a nice back door pass to Allan early in the third quarter, leading Allan to shoot two from the line. This took Carson up 42-12 against HC. Holy Cross brought out a full-court press to start the fourth quarter which gave Carson some troubles and created a few turnovers, allowing HC to score two baskets. 


Holy Cross forced a couple of shot clock violations on Carson but didn't manage to capitalize on them. A deep three by Carson's Baguinon took them up 55-18 with 5 minutes left in the game. What HC did capitalize on was their full-court press, causing a turnover by Carson's guards, allowing them to go on a 6-2 run.


In the end, Carson's zone defence was too much for Holy Cross. Final score: Carson Graham 61-Holy Cross 27. 


carson vs h cross.jpg
Jamie Keast