Boys: Mt. Boucherie vs. Belmont

Written by Jeff McCutcheon, Handsworth Grade 2006

Opening games for both teams at the annual Quinn Keast ‘No Regrets’ Tournament. Mount Boucherie Bears have traveled down from West Kelowna and Belmont Bulldogs from Vancouver Island. We thank them both for making the trip!


It's clear from the warm-ups that the Bears are going to have play a smart game and work as a team as they have a very slim bench. With only 7 players in total they are going to have a lot to overcome, especially in the 4th quarter.


Belmont got off to a quick start going up 7 - 0 and drawing four fouls in just three minutes. The Bears coach had seen enough and decided to call a timeout. Whatever he said seems to have worked as Mount Boucherie got themselves back in the game 7 - 4. Both teams continued to make very tough shots and after the first quarter the Bulldogs led the Bears 20 - 17.


Then Belmont hit their stride to start the second quarter. With guards Danny Song and Nolan Zaragoza nailing three pointers from the perimeter and post Dawson Johal earning both rebounds and points inside. To make matters worse for the Bears slim bench the Bulldogs began using a full court press to make them work hard for every possession. At half time it was the Belmont Bulldogs up 41 - 22 over the Mount Boucherie Bears.


After halftime the Bears looked refreshed forcing multiple turnovers on D. On the offensive side of the ball point guard Ty Donison did a great job with his teammates breaking down Belmont's stingy full court press. It was tough going for the ursine 7 to come back in this one but you definitely could't knock their work ethic or desire - all seven players were working their tails off in this one.


The Bears started the fourth quarter with rosy cheeks and down 56 - 36. Coming off easily their best quarter the test was to see if they ccould bring themselves any closer. They were able to execute a few beautifully designed plays but the baskets just weren’t dropping for them tonight. To make matters worse Bobby Audy's tough play on defence earned him his fifth and disqualifying foul. With only one player left on the bench we might have been looking at an Alabama re-run in this one! In the end the canines of Belmont took it 92 - 45 over the Mount Boucherie Bears. Kudos to both teams on their hard work though and we thank you again for making the trip to Quinn's annual tournament.


Good luck the rest of the way!

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Jamie Keast