Boys: Carson Graham vs. Salmon Arm

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This game had all the makings of of a tight frantic battle. Salmon Arm, at ‘No Regrets’ for the third time, brought plenty of length not only in the middle but on the periphery as well. The Golds #16  Limber at 6’7” and #13  Middleton were a trio rounded out by #21 Jansen at 6’6’. Even the backcourt guys were north of 6 feet. But, most stunningly, they only have one graduating player. Longs arms equals many rebounds. Young legs mean a track meet.


The first quarter ended at 13-12 Carson’s favour. The basket for basket continued as did the frantic pace in the second quarter. Rajwani for Carson showed his elasticity on a drive to the hoop that brought the home fans into the game. But a three by #9 Hecker of the Golds gave them an edge which was immediately eliminated by Carson. This is a good ticket! The ball handling was confident and aggressive and the two teams made few mistakes.


With the score knotted at 26 Hecker of the Golds gained an ‘and 1’ but failed at the charity strip. On the offensive rebound and foul the Golds got two free throws and made both. Basically they got 4 points from one play and a shot at a fifth. Golds with the biggest lead of the game at 4. But Carson wasn’t done for the half. A quick bucket brought them within two as the horn went.


#13 Carson drained a three to beat the buzzer and put Carson up by 1: 31- 30


In the second half the rain started and the threes fell, especially for Carson. But, on the downside they were piling up fouls. Deep in the shot clock #10 AJ Lartey finished a remarkable desperate and athletic left side lay up to put Cason ahead by 5. Then a Smith trey for the Golds was immediately followed by a Duque trey for Carson and Nick Ostler’s two foul shots. Duque again with the teardrop and it was Carson by 7 with 3:00 to go in the third. Carson looked good with all the momentum. Duque and Lartey may not not be long but, man are they quick! And that’s with Demetillo, possibly the quickest of the three, on the bench. Lartney with an ‘and 1’ lay-up and Carson up by 8.


After 3 quarters it was Carson 56, Salmon Arm 43. Your loyal correspondent went to have blood pressure checked.


But the Golds’ travails continued as the plexi-glass on the Carson hoop denied them. But they steadied and tried to chip away at the deficit. Didn’t work Mitchell Ostler got busy down low for the Eagles which led to a Salmon Arm timeout with 6:22 to go in the game.


Out of the timeout an errant Golds pass in the backcourt led to another Lartey ‘and 1’ which he converted. Carson by 11. But alternating baskets and turnovers would spell doom for Salmon Arm as the Carson ball hawks were too good and too quick. Carson by 14 with 4 min to go.

Lartey of Carson with a bunch of freebies as part of his game high 28 points and the buzzer went icing a 72-61 Carson victory. Nevertheless, look for Salmon Arm to return next year with an awesome array of what will then be seniors.


Player-of the -Game: Carson Graham’s Chris Demetillo


High scorers:

Carson’s Lartey with 28 and Duque with quick

Salmon Arm’s Vieria-Shay with 12 and Smith with 11

Jamie Keast