Boys: Kits vs. Rutland

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


The Kitsilano Blue Demons came out of the gates firing, running out to a 14-6 lead mid-way through the first quarter. Intense full court pressure from Kits has led to a number of easy buckets in transition. Kits looked strong to start this game, and it appears a full team effort from the Rutland Voodoos will be required to make this game competitive. Alternatively, they may defer to their school’s mascot, the Voodoo, to work some magic. At the end of 1, the Blue Demons were up 28-10.


The Voodoos opened up the second quarter with a Steph Curry-like high-arching three… which is fitting considering their jerseys are almost identical to the Golden State Warriors. Parm Sangara for the Voodoos has come out flying, making plays both offensively and defensively to get his team within 10 points halfway through the second quarter. The momentum came to an abrupt halt as the Blue Demons went on a run heading into the half. Halftime score: Kits 43 - Rutland 23.


The teams exchanged a few buckets to start the second half which keeps this game hovering around a 20 point differential, until the Voodoos made back-to-back threes to bring themselves within 13 points. Unfortunately for the Voodoos, every time they flirt with a single digit deficit the Blue Demons seems to turn it up a notch. At the end of 3 periods Kits was up 16 points. 


To Rutland’s credit they did not give up. In fact their play continued to look more fluid as this game progressed. The game was not destined to end up as a W for the Voodoos, but hopefully they can take some of this momentum and use it moving forward in their remaining games of the tourney. As for Kits, they are looking like one of the top teams in the tournament and it will require a strong performance from a competitor to beat this squad. 


As day 1 of the No Regrets Basketball Tournament 2017 comes to an end, the better team here won today. Kitsilano beat Rutland with a final score of 95 to 77.


No Regrets. 

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Jamie Keast