Boys: Carson Graham vs. Kitsilano

After a 40 minute delay due to a lack of refs, our good friends (and referees) Vern Porter and Gerry Karvelis saved the day, and the quarter final game at Carson Graham got underway. The Carson Graham Eagles takes on cross-town Kitsilano Blue-demons , who also happen to be last year's 'No Regrets' Tournament Champions. 

Fact: No boys team has won the 'No Regrets' Tournament twice. 

Carson Graham's guards came out strong and quick and would open up the scoring for the Eagles, but a few costly turnovers resulting in treys on the other end, and some offensive rebounds would put Kits up by 6 quickly. A two-three zone defense from Kits, and a few more offensive rebounds, posed too much for Carson in the first quarter. Kits would continue to press, causing more costly turnovers for Carson. A buzzer beater three-pointer would take Kits up 25-12 at the end of the first quarter. 

A give-and-go between Carson Graham's #12 Rajwani and #4 opened up the second quarter, and #12 would continue to shine underneath the hoop for the Eagles. Kits would return with their own give-and-go to #10 Yahya, keeping them up 31-18. 

The reigning champions, Kitsilano, weren't going to make this a walk in the park for Carson. A big block by #12 Rajwani wouldn't be capitalized off of as Carson turned the ball over again in transition. With two minutes to go in the half, Kits would continue to grab offensive rebound after offensive rebound, not letting the Eagles get within less then 8. A floater from Kits' #4 Lum with 8 seconds left on the clock keeps Kits up 39-26 at the half. 

Kitsilano would stay ahead all of the third quarter despite Carson's best efforts. Kitsilano's full-court press was efficient: Score at the end of the third quarter 53-42 for Kits.

Early in the fourth quarter, two deep threes in a row by Kits' #4 Lum would take Kits up by 17 points, their biggest lead of the game. Carson's #5 would foul out with 8 minutes left in the game, bringing in fresh legs for the Eagles. This would help take them to within 9 of Kits with 5 minutes to go in the game. Despite his size, Carson's #2 would sink a runner from inside the key with guys all over him. A nice break away by Kits' #4 Lum, and a generous pass from him to Kits' #11 Li, again took Kits up by 13. Carson's #12 Rajwani's defense did not go unnoticed as he was asked to mark one of the top players on the Kits team, but Carson's late full-court press wasn't enough, and Kits takes this one to head into the semi-finals tomorrow morning. 

Final score: Carson Graham-55  Kitsilano- 68

Jamie Keast