Boys: Handsworth vs. Mount Boucherie

Mt. Boucherie Bears brought 8 stalwarts to battle the Royals. Named for a  19th century farmer and stock raiser, Mt. Boucherie is actually an ancient volcano located on the west side of Okanagan Lake opposite Kelowna.

Enough history and geology. The home team Royals got off to a 10-bagel start which an early Bears’ time-out didn’t slow down. Between the Royals height and wingspan advantage and the Bears’ short bench, the Westsiders were in tough.

A late three by the Bears Josh Clancy, the smallest player on either team,  gave them some spark in the first quarter but they will need a fire to come back from  a 25- 5 deficit.

In Q2 Coach Storey had the Royals pressing. Sadly, they may have lost some trees in the Okanagan over the last number of years to fires,  but the. Bears continually found a forest of long Royals’ arms when any penetration was attempted. Meanwhile, Clancy continued to set an example in tenacity and smart play for Mt. B. Two of those long Royals’ arms belong to George Horn who is the fifth Horn (brothers and cousins) to pass through the Handsworth senior boys’ basketball program.

Meanwhile, the gap stayed roughly the same at 41-19 heading into the last 2 minutes at which point Clancy stole and drained another three. Grade 11 kid can play. Two smooth drives by Royals’ Lutman ended the half at 45-21. Clancy with 9 of the Bears’ 21. Royals Daniel S. had 11.

The second half saw an early penetration by Lutman who dished to the corner for a successful three. Then another by Royals’ Watson. Clancy was cooling from the arc and the Handsworth rebounding (again the long arms) dominated. Seven minutes into the third quarter and the Bears were yet to score but showed no sign of quitting.  Clancy took a hard tumble and got up and played on. 59-23 Handsworth, end of three. Bears only points? A fearless drive by Clancy through the forest to the basket in the last minute

Clancy had 5 points in the first 2 minutes of the 4th. Have to say the Royals defence was organized and well executed. A Watters three for the Royals to take it to 68-34 as the life began to drain out of the game. Bears’ big man Asplin powered up for their last deuce and the Royals Scott hit a ridiculous 3 to beat the time clock. Final Score 73- 36 Handsworth. Clancy had 15 and Daniel S. with 14. POG was Daniel Shokohmoayed.

Moral?  Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Jamie Keast