Boys: Seycove vs. Salmon Arm

Both of these teams have been at every ‘No Regrets’ Tournament to date. They are welcome friends ready for what should be a great game.

A late arrival of your loyal scribe (score 16-11 Seycove at the time) did however allow me to see a deep 3 at the quarter pole buzzer by the Hawk’s Dylon Matthews #8. Sweet! And another by Seycove’s 23; and another by #3, Musselman. It was raining from the arc and the hoop was wet. Then a missed lay-up and a capable follow by Golds #14 turned the tide and Fish Limbs followed it with a three to make the score 29-20 Seycove four minutes into Q2. But the rainstorm continued Seycove’s #10 Somerville nailed yet another three while Salmon Arm’s #7 answered in kind. With so many shots from outside there was bound to be a foul and then Seycove made three the hard way by three successful foul shots. Back to back threes by each. Both teams attracted to the arc and making it pay. Between the foul line and the three point line there was a lot of pay-dirt hit. This is shaping up to be a barn-burner, not that anyone should actually burn a barn. It’s a metaphor, but totally appropriate. SA’s #14 began to assert himself successfully under the basket with little to stop him.

The score at the half was Salmon Arm Golds 40, Seycove Seahawks 39

Call the fire department!

It took 2 minutes into the half for the first score on a deep-in-the-shot-clock 3 by Seycove’s #1 Sarno. SA #28 had a cool lefty lay-up which is always good to see for a righty, or even a lefty for that matter.

Could Seycove’s #1 AA ranking be in peril as the unheralded AAAA Golds battled them straight up and savoured a 5 point lead at the end of Q3.

Your loyal scribe took note of a nice old school hook shot by ‘Hawks’ #3 Musselman who finished the And-One opportunity. The crowd erupted when the tallest and smallest players on the floor fought to a draw on a jump ball (SA14 and Sey5 Cockfield), literally on the floor. SA14 continued his capable work for the Golds under the basket with quick turns and decent production.

At the end of Q3 it was: Salmon Arm 50,  Seycove 55

More mayhem in Q4 punctuated by some capable basketball by both teams. But the Golds looked more organized and hungry. With 4:44 to go Seycove’s #23 fouled out  and SA #14 sank both shots to rub salt in the wound. Now 67-57 favouring SA. The pressure on Seycove to mount a comeback disrupted their flow and more shots failed despite the solid leadership of Matthews. When the Golds’ difficult reverse lay-up fell with 1:45 to go one sensed the end for Seycove.  But the bank was open for business for Matthews who invoked his superior shooting mechanics to drain a step-back 3. Which he then followed with another 30 seconds later. With 52 seconds left it was 69-72 for SA. Where’s the damn fire dept.?

Now it was time for the set pieces. The golds had the ball but gathered an unintended foul. Both shots were made. Seycove tried a three (there was no doubt who would be trying) but it missed. More fouls etc. etc with the Golds scoring on half of them. Final score in a great game was  Salmon Arm 77- Seycove 69

The Player of the Game was the Golds #14.

Matthews has 26 for Seycove and #14 had 28 for Salmon Arm

Jamie Keast