Boys: STM vs. Aden Bowman (Alberta)

Written by Jeff McCutcheon, Handsworth Grad 2006

Good morning Vancouver! Today’s early 9:00AM slate features the Saint Thomas Moore Collegiate Knights vs the Aden Bowman Bears. The nights hail from Burnaby while the Bears have made the trek in from Saskatchewan. We thank them for traveling in so far and hope the hills of North Vancouver don’t have an effect on their game today!

Early on it’s clear STM had an easier time waking up this morning than I did. They roll out to an 8 - 1 start with most of the damage being done on the perimeter. Neither team has a truly huge big man so rebounds will be hard fought for in the paint. Saskatchewan’s # 15 Graham has managed to come down with a couple key boards and a couple buckets as well. He might have an inch on his competitors but pure hard work is what is really making the difference for him. Even with Graham’s efforts his team is down 17-10 at the end of the first.

The Bears are off to a nice start in the second quarter with their girls team in the stands cheering them on loudly its tough to know which school is 1500KM away. Bowman’s #6 Andrew has been the benefactor of a couple beautiful set plays and gets 4 easy points. Although the Bears continue to roll lines like a hockey team keeping fresh legs on the floor their defensive intensity has fallen off opening the door to Burnaby’s Knights. As the first half comes to an end STM finds themselves in the lead 32-27.

Then Knights have rolled out a very balanced offence all game with no player scoring more than 7 points in the first half. If they manage to hold on and win this one it truly will be a team effort. Bears #14 Guenther and #8 Romero open the first half with a couple filthy blocks on D which leads to a “Let’s go Aden” chant from the ladies in the stands. This has sparked the visitors from Saskatchewan and for the first time in the game they find themselves up 34-32. Knights #1 Mauro has seen enough and nails a pair of clutch threes to silence the crowd. The intensity has definitely picked up a ton in this third quarter and at the end the Bears hold a 1 point lead over the Knights. This is going to be a battle to the end.

All game long Burnaby’s #35 Oreta has been a beast in the paint. The fourth quarter is no different. Within one minute he drains a deuce, picks up two rebounds and forces a turnover. Aden Bowman is able to respond with a huge three with four minutes left to tie it up 54-54. This is going to be an intense finish. The young Bears coach draws a technical with three minutes left but luckily for him the Knights are unable to convert or else that would have really hurt his team. Even with the missed free throws the Knights are able to force a couple turnovers and come out to a five point league with one minute left. Two made free throws by the bears and it’s a one possession game. Like many do, this game is going to come down to free throws. STM manages to calm their nerves and make their free throws and this game is over. 63-58 the Knights have defeated the Bears. Huge thanks to Aden Bowman for making the trip to this years “No Regrets” tournament and congrats to Knights on their win. All the best to both teams down the road!

Player of the game:

St Thomas Moore: #35 Oreta

Aden Bowman: #15 Graham

Jamie Keast