Girls 3rd/4th: Collingwood vs. Barker College (Australia)

Written by Scott Leigh, Handsworth Grad 2006


In a early afternoon matchup the visiting Barker College Tourists are taking on the home Collingwood Cavs. The Tourists may be billeting with the Cavs, but these friends have temporarily turned to foes for the next couple of hours. It looks like we have an even matchup early in this contest with the visiting Tourists maintaining a slight lead halfway through the opening quarter. Barker College has turned to an aggressive full court press which has given the Cavs trouble getting the ball over half. A few turnovers from the press has led to easy buckets for the Tourists and given them an early 11-7 lead. Barker College’s athleticism has benefited them thus far on both ends of the court - the result is a 15-9 lead at the end of the first quarter.


The Cavs have a determined attitude as the second quarter gets underway, looking to make a run early and get themselves back into this game. Apparently their roommates have different plans, as they have continued to apply pressure and have extended their lead to 14 points midway through the second quarter. The Cavs are pushing hard to get this lead into single digits heading into the half, and have been more than successful actually taking the lead with seconds to go in the first half. Halftime score has the Cavs up 28-27.


Halftime Fact: Blair Shier, head of photography for the No Regrets Organizing Committee, enjoys spending his free time sipping lattes at Delany’s Coffee House and maintaining his athletic build with weekly yoga classes.


After the great finish to the second half for the Cavs, both teams have been going tic for tac in what is starting to look like a good ol’ fashion barn-burner. Both teams are looking extremely driven to earn that third place finish in the ‘No Regrets’ Basketball Tournament. The friends to foe commentary was no joke - both of the teams have upped the physicality in this second half. Hard to tell if the overall excitement level in this gym has increased this quarter, or if it is just the Cavs' coach who has amped up her personal energy levels. Whatever the reason, the gym is buzzing as the back and forth nature of this battle continues. At the end of the third quarter the Tourists are up 43-42.


The deep ball has become more of a factor in the final quarter with both teams starting to heat up from deep. If the last two quarters are a sign of things to come this game will come down to a clutch bucket late in the game. The Tourists are working a full court 1-2-2 zone press and dropping back into a 2-1-2 half court zone which is giving the Cavs a new look to deal with. #05 Bayne for Barker College hit a clutch short corner jumper to put her squad up by 1 with under a minute to go; not to be outdone the Cavs come storming back down the court and earn a couple free throw attempts with 45 seconds to go. A one for two effort at the line has this game all tied up… what more could you ask for? The Cavs quickly force a turnover and give them an opportunity to take the lead. A big battle for a loose ball ends with both players slamming to the floor in dramatic fashion - another foul fighting for a loose ball gives #9 Na on the Cavs two free throw attempts with 11 seconds to go. An 0 for 2 result left the game still tied, but the Cavs continued to apply the pressure and forced another turnover around centre court. A last second short corner effort by #13 Gill on the Cavs, in which she was fouled, left Gill on the free-throw line with 0 seconds to go and no one lined up for her attempts. She calmly stepped up to the line and cold blooded swished both attempts. What an unbelievable finish to a highly entertaining game! Final score 57-55 for the Cavs.


No Regrets.

Jamie Keast