Boys: Semi-Final, Seycove vs. Lord Tweedsmuir

The first boys’ semi-final proved to be the end of the road for the Seynderella Seyhawks. While close at the end of the first quarter, the pace of the Panthers in transition was the beginning of a mural on the wall of the West Van gym. Seycove Gr. 10 phenom Chris Ross had trouble dialling in his 3-point shot in the first half and he was never able to make the connection. Not so for others. Panther Brandon Tabing nailed a three in the second to answer one by Quinn Dewar only to have Dewar immediately respond in kind. The track meet continued and at the half it was 51-40 for the Panthers.

It was the third quarter that finished the Seyhawks who were outscored 20-6. They did not give up however, but the tempo of the Panthers was too high and the intermittent press by Tweedsmuir made it challenging. It ended at 84-64 for the Panthers with Tabing tallying 18 pts. (including 10 of 10 FT) and Ross and Dewar for the Seyhawks with 21 and 14 respectively.

As a side note, well-known basketball referee Joe Marklund could be seen sporting a Quinn Keast Foundation ‘No Regrets’ wristband during the games he ref’d. Joe had refereed many games that Quinn played in. On another note it was nice to hear a soprano amongst the baritones of the boys coaching world. Good on ya, Ms. Ross!

Jamie Keast