Boys: Semi-Final, Western Canada vs. Collingwood

We should be in for a great game between the Collingwood Cavaliers and the Western Canada Red Hawks in this semi-final matchup high up in the British Properties at Collingwood’s home gym. 

Early on it appears the Cavaliers have been hard at work reviewing the Red Hawk’s game tape as they have effectively broken down their full court press to start this game. During the first quarter the fire alarm has gone off in the Collingwood gym, but the Cavaliers coach, Andy Wong, has logically explained to his team why the alarm went off… “we are so hot right now, we have set the fire alarm off!” Unfortunately for the Cavaliers and their supporters, they seem to be cooling at a rapid pace. 

An early sub for the Cavaliers bringing in their grade 10 player, Eliada Ewa has provided a spark for his squad as his intense pressure on the ball handler has proven effective thus far. Looking for a spark of their own, Collingwood has opted for a hockey-like substitution bringing 5 fresh guys into the game to finish the quarter.  After a hot start for Collingwood giving them an early lead, the Red Hawks have continued to apply their infamous pressure which has given them a lead of 19-13 after the first quarter.

The intensity between these teams has continued to grow with two technicals given midway through the second quarter, as one Cavalier and one Red Hawk let their frustrations get the best of them. Western Canada is fired up heading into the half after building a 44-25 lead over the home squad. The Red Hawks were led by Kenny Okeke’s 17 points through the first 20 minutes of play.

The Cavaliers have changed their look to start the second half by going with a zone defence, hoping they can slow down the Red Hawk’s offence. The pace of play seems to be favouring the Alberta team as their lead continues to grow in this third quarter. At the end of three, Red Hawks are up 71-37. With much of the same story in the fourth, the Cavaliers are now working the full roster onto the court during the last quarter.

At the end of the day, Collingwood really needed two of their players this morning, who were forced to miss the game in order to write their ACT tests with hopes of continuing their athletic and academic careers in the U.S. In what is becoming a familiar theme for the opponents of the Red Hawks, the pressure defence was just too much for the Cavaliers to handle. The full court press and double teaming continues to drive these B.C. teams into desperate measures, leading to too many turnovers to remain competitive. 

Final score: Western Canada 87 - Collingwood 44.

Western Canada has earned themselves a spot in the championship game tonight at 7 p.m. at West Vancouver Secondary. See you there!

Jamie Keast