Boys: Final, Western Canada vs. Lord Tweedsmuir

To start this game, the Red Hawks, for the first time this tournament, seem to be facing a team that is willing to run at an equal pace. With both teams applying their full court press, this may come down to who has the better endurance with each team playing their second game of the day. With a late run in the first quarter, the Panthers have tied it up at 17-17 at the end of one. Get your popcorn out kids, we appear to be in for some serious entertainment. 

The track meet continues in the first few minutes of the second quarter with both teams pushing the ball in transition at every opportunity. The three point ball seems to be the shot of choice for both squads in the second quarter with each team exchanging the deep balls. The Red Hawks have found a rhythm in the Q by making easy transition buckets, giving them a lead of 12 with 4 minutes to go before the half. The combination of the Panthers going cold from deep and the endless full court pressure from Western Canada has earned them a big lead at the half. Western Canada 50 to the Lord Tweedsmuir’s 32. 

The Panthers are going to require a little magic this evening if they plan to get themselves back in the game. They have opted to give the Red Hawks a different look, coming out with a zone defence in the second half. The zone D has forced Western Canada to take the majority of their shots from behind the arc, which has proven beneficial thus far for the Panthers getting themselves within 11 part way through the third. Brandon Tabing refused to backdown, making another three pointer to cut the lead to 10. Too many turnovers leading to easy baskets puts a halt on the Panthers run; the Red Hawks have taken an 18 point lead with a minute to go in the third. Brayden Robinson with a big block on one end and hustling in transition for the layup gave the Red Hawks a 24 point lead at the end of three.

The all too familiar characteristics of this group of Calgarians appears to be taking its toll on the Panthers. Although they have made some runs during this second half, they have been unable to bring themselves back into single digits. The style of play that has caught each and every team off-guard all tournament long has led the Red Hawks to a championship. Plenty of smiles for the out of town boys as they raise the inaugural No Regrets Basketball Tournament trophy for the first time. 

Final Score: Western Canada 93 - Lord Tweensmuir 78.

Congratulations to the Western Canada Red Hawk’s on winning the inaugural No Regrets Basketball Tournament. 

No Regrets.

Jamie Keast