Boys: 3rd/4th Game, Collingwood vs. Seycove

This was an ideal North Shore tournament matchup between the British Properties and Deep Cove. The Cavaliers ticket to this game was punched earlier in the day when they faced Western Canada minus two of their starters, Jaden Narwal and Brendan Artley, who were sitting exams. The result was a 43 point loss which is interesting in that Narwal/Artley combined for 46 points in this game. Do the math!

Once again, Gr. 10 Chris Ross and Gr. 11 Quinn Dewar led the way for Seycove, albeit in a losing cause. They combined for 30 points.  Narwal capably guarded Ross which served to muffle Ross’ offence. Collingwood ran an 11 point half-time lead to 28 at the ¾ pole. Final score 84-57 for the Cavs.

Of note was the boards grabbed by Narwal and Artley with 7 and 15 respectively. Fast breaks abounded for Collingwood in this game as the Seyhawks looked tired. But Seyhawks have served notice that they can play with the top teams and the two schools could meet another 4 times this season including playoffs. Collingwood’s athleticism was matched by Seycove’s courage and determination but the score didn’t follow. Collingwood’s ever positive Coach Andy Wong was complementary of the opponent and was looking forward to the coming regular season. By that time Davey Ross, Chris’ older brother and a Seycove senior, will return to the line-up.

Jamie Keast